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Feb 2015
Rooms full of tiny paper,
getting a round like the party ****.
Everybody ingests these playful
images, for much more.
Sometimes hoping for less.

Hallways grabbing at my ankles,
Shadows move on demand and breathe.
I quickly dash to the bathroom,
searching for some peace of mind.
Focus: disappeared.
Colour changing loss tiles.
My face nor my mind no longer belong to me.
This place is haunted, and not by some extraterrestrial nor ghosts.
This is my own doing.

As we decide to for a walk,
we stop by a river.
**** and **** by the standby,
in case I act up.
When the sky and the river became one,
I realised I had too much fun,
and must escape.

As me and my friends run to the door,
screams of fear echo in my mind.
The door decides to run away,
little does it know it has 3 sets of big eyes,
on the chase.

We enter the door into this horror styled,
amusement park ride. Where anything can happen. Anything can jump,
no appetite.
I spend my hour in purgatory,
to finally come back a stable-ish
young man.

The Cheshire cat hide at the end of the bed talking he and I both out of these
uncomfortable situations.

Each plea louder then the next.
Eventually she enters the door,
like a lonely animal,
seperated for a lifetime.
I do want I wanted to do,
rest my head upon her breast,
patiently awaiting for sanitys return.
I refer to my friend as the Cheshire cat, as he is wearing a purple towel and the only person conscious in the room.
Written by
Pokkuri  Somewhere
   Graham C Gibbs, Emm Jay and Azaria
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