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Jan 2015
My biggest fear in this life is to be insignificant,
to change the world in no way fathomable
and that my being is forgotten forever;
to not be remembered.

There is so much that I want to say, need to say, but the way to
release is not yet apparent.
I fear that my time will run out.

But then I remember, that my
veins that coarse with blood are the maps of the world
that I am yet to discover
and that this life is a journey and I was born to travel.

And the crimson and plum shapes that decorate my
flesh which hold many memories inside their outline,
are the collapse of a nebula in the sky
that creates the birth of a star.

I, myself, collapsed.
I crumbled to the ground into dust and could find no way to grow again.
But that was not my destruction, after all.
It was my birth.
I was reborn from the same dust as the stars and
I can soar through the sky with the blood pumping through my veins.

I am alive.
I am so alive because I am nature itself.
How could I be insignificant when I have
galaxies expanding through my body and
flowers blooming in my mind,
that are being watered by the fall of October rain.

I am nature itself,
and I have never felt
more alive.

I am full of the world.
Victoria Peace
Written by
Victoria Peace  Kingston Upon Hull
(Kingston Upon Hull)   
     Lior Gavra, Kate Irons and ---
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