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 Aug 2014 Phoebe
circus clown
a million poems later and
i have not written anything
that could convince you
to love me back.
someone told me today that he was caught, a long time ago, making out in the school bathroom with a girl who was too barred out to complete a coherent sentence. just hours before this, i told myself i couldn't write because i had fallen out of love with him. this is so stupid. this is so ******* stupid.
 Aug 2014 Phoebe
Jeremy Bean
I've been sent enough
by insecure women
attempting to garner my attention
by exposing their body
which means they don't realize
that a picture does not bear their soul
and I never was that type of man
to be stimulated by the superficial
I have gigabytes worth
In a folder I care not to look at
way back
in my hard drives cache
yet cant delete
luckily for them
I'm not the type of creep
to share them with the world
but you,
you are special enough to me
that I don't need a visual reminder
when its burnt into my synapses
for as long as I live.
 Aug 2014 Phoebe
Ivy Haegan
He took the sun and hid it within his flesh
With the light in his fingertips,
He then touched my heart-
To this day it is overflowing with a luminescence far brighter than the one in the sky
Dedicated to the beautiful boy
 Aug 2014 Phoebe
Dolores L Day
"Why is this **** man single?"

Why indeed?
He's tall and lean, nice but never mean.
He rolls in dirt yet always seems clean
to me.

Why indeed?
With soft arms that should hold
Only a girl who is beautiful and bold
like me.

So Why indeed?
Hasn't he let me
Tell him how good he looks
in his recessive jeans?

Why indeed?
Isn't he
with me?
 Aug 2014 Phoebe
Emma Pickwick
Tell me we are nothing.
Tell me we are nothing so I won't have to worry where you are going when you say you can't tonight,
When you cancel last minute,
When you make strange excuses.
Tell me we are nothing so I don't get invested and I don't think about what I'll wear when I see you or what you're doing right now.
Please, please, tell me we are nothing so I don't cry when you disappear, so I don't tell you everything, so I don't think I am special.  
Please tell me we are nothing.
I don't want to fall asleep with you and just be a shadow in the background of your love.
Please tell me we are nothing.
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