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nonya 5d
pinpricks of light shine
through the rotting spokes
of the wooden shed
beside my bed
of hay and cloth
lay scratched frames and memories of
a wife, another, and a child

creaking oaks cut the air
howling boards cry
my trinkets shake and repeat
beside my bed
move closer
under the moaning shed
to rich and cool soil

putrid stale winds emit from below
nails peeling to the bone
twitching fingers mauling the dirt
under the bed

a peaceful silence
warmth from the earth
my worn palms, clutching the ivory hands

and I
nonya Oct 9
it rained all day
the waxing tide shifted blades of grass
sparkles shimmered across a field
chilled winds and humid breaths
held tight under the canopy
nonya Jun 23
under moonlight skies
and among flowing streams
nearby toads croak
while laying down besides natures green

for fireflies light the sky bold and wide
music cuts through thick fog
as insects swarm as far as the eye can see
while laying down besides natures green
nonya May 3
quit shouting heartbreak!
can that feeling be so unique?
says I, who's single
nonya May 3
creaking, creaking, and creaking
camouflaged pearls scattered in the grooves
of wool
congealed and stiff
collapsed in his frame

as the calm winds blow through
as his heel knocks
creaking, creaking, and creaking

the door warps and cracks
as the pearls yellow
as he sticks
and lays
and lies
free pearls  at the getaway where i murdered my husband please call 980-980-9800 for more information
nonya Apr 21
What can I say?
The lights strobe and dance around your face
Glimmering eye shadow reflecting a light gray
Clattering bangles cant seem to stay in place
A strong perfume that wont fade
Laughing in a daze my heart flutters
When the music drowns out and I look to you
Our night is made special, like none other

Each laser sculpts your body
Red stains cover your lips
Silently and nervously fumbling oddly
You frequently adjust your grip
Pretending to ignore that you trip over your feet
My smile emanates a comfortable calm
Pausing on the floor to bring you aside
Our night is made special, like none other

The fog wraps around you
Dark makeup covers obscures your face
Gliding and passing through
I'm trying to keep up with your pace
Making it a little game
Without missing a single beat
Sweeping you into my arms off your feet
Our night is made special, like none other
I keep writing about dancing . I need to go clubbing soon
nonya Apr 14
oh the pitter patter against my fogged window
a cool wind blows through my bones
gloomily watching the ditch overflow
I sit alone

letting the water rise through the woodwork
I wait for the creaking of splintering panels
as rust colored shoes float in the murk
the chest drowns, extinguishing the candles
whats your biggest fear?
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