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Farooq Ansari Feb 2018
I see eternity
all but burned out
didn't know, if I could
stay out of this path,
till I reach you,
your damning beauty
evermore, I will.

I have to, I know it for a fact,
I've never known anything else.

I see the creation weeping
for a creator that remains unforgiving
how many more wounds
could she heal before finally caving in?

I see the desert, its name
speaking for itself
you didn't dwell here,
so the caves are where I go.
only warmth here that I know of,
I flamed them myself.

I see you afloat, sleeping
in a sea without any shore
the stars crashing like waves
at your feet, as you dream
of everything we could ever see.

I see the shore, atop this mountain
how could the ship stray its path?
for only the pious
were sheltered aboard.
escaping one doom,
assuring another.

I see your creatures
their eyes glistening with tales
of sorrow, gratitude and salvation.
I couldn't tell one from another.
one and the same, they remained
to this uncertain spectator.

I see pathways littered
with the prayers of the crooked
as they went wild, following the trail
of any footsteps that they could find.
defeated, they carved them
there on the road,
and we looked away.

I see serenity,
reaching out as it falls.
burning bright in its passive demise,
its melody lost in static,
its prophecy lost in chants.

I shut my eyes, I couldn't see
your glory had blinded me, finally.

I shut my eyes, you see
the brilliance was too much for me.
Farooq Ansari Feb 2018
Let me just stay here for a while,
a place where I can barely stand,
shoulders gave in long before
one could blame gravity;
the sands of time fall,
grain by grain
a desert remains,
and a dream of oasis;
give me some time
and I'll learn how to breathe.

Let me just stay here for a while,
a room with no windows,
a door that barely opens,
and echoes that sounded like me
for they're white noise now,
I can barely make out,
the sound of my own voice,
give me some time,
while I learn how to speak.

I think I'll stay here for a while,
spellbound by this familiarity,
have I been here before?
I see myself,
gazing distantly, begging apathy
"Levitate!", I hear.
the noise clears, its me
the door opens, Im found
give me some time,
and I'll try to break free.
Farooq Ansari Feb 2018
Once upon a time,
there was a town by the eastern sea
where all the roads and rivers
led to the cathedral

not so long ago,
sheltered underneath the dome
we caressed the walls, the ceilings
with our hands dreched in colour,
the visions of Eden

all was right, all was well
we danced when we took rest
we sang after our feet had bled
a chorus that echoed beyond the sea

then on a fateful day
an oasis peered beyond the waves
calling us to be one with the divine,
the trees, streams and cascade
our visions of Eden

with paint still wet on our hands
the oars were held with passion
and curiosity flooded in
where once was devotion

we saw upon reaching the shore,
the trees, vines and bushes
wrapped around its inhabitants
servings of precious fruits and reveries
and them being ecstatic in constraints

so we sailed for the harbor
the one where we strayed from,
we took to the streets of our town
but the roads wouldn't lead us home.

— The End —