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obscure Jun 2014
large, and in charge as I'd like to put it.
chunky, pudgy, fat, plump
however you'd like to say it, however
it is none of your **** business.

I am not a number on a scale
or a mile that I haven't run
I am not the size of my waist
or the "excuses" that have lead me to "let myself go"

But I, am human.
Say what you will
but I love myself.
blonde hair, blue eyes
a sense of humor that can't me measured with something so feeble as  measuring tape.
A love of life that will not be put to rest just because I may need to take a rest every so often.

How do you measure happiness?
not on a scale
or with inches
pounds or calories that seem to sneak up on you in the middle of the night and make your pants a bit too snug

we judge people for judging people because judging people is wrong
we blame society for our corrupt nature,
but we are society.
super super personal but I needed to get it off of my chest.
obscure May 2014
flushed faces, burning at the touch
fluttering stomachs, an anxious gasp
tangled thoughts like our hands, intertwined
jumbled words that linger in the air
unsteady breath
weak knees
sweet, yet undefinable
obscure Apr 2014
In this empty house that is my heart,
you merely patched up the rooted cracks of my foundation.

they say that a persons eyes are a window to their soul,
but the glass was shattered long before you were here.

my skin crawls and stirs like moon lit waters.
you were supposed to be my anchor,
but with each lie you told
you let me drift farther and farther away

thank you for leaving.
because without you loving me,
I've finally learned how to love myself.
obscure Jan 2014
I know a girl
who lives to play with fire
but sure enough
gets burned more times than not

this girl
accustomed to lies and broken hearts
never lets the sadness of the world
put out her spark
obscure Nov 2013
The human race
is the only one of it's kind
to keep track of time

You think in seconds
Act in minutes
live in years

So naturally
the human race
is the only one of it's kind
to be afraid of time
running out
This was inspired by my younger sister, who never fails to baffle me with her wisdom.
obscure Oct 2013
as much as i love you

best friends, for sure

you'll never look at me

the way you look at her
obscure Oct 2013
whoever said
depression is strictly sadness
is a fool
because here i sit
and drowning in my mind
sometimes the thoughts swimming around my every action
my every word
are scarier than the true horrors
of life itself
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