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  Mar 30 Nylee
South by Southwest
Quote from the book 'The Friends of Eddie Coyle':
"This life's hard , but it's a lot harder if your stupid."
Nylee Mar 22
In shadows, I stumble, a wounded soul,
Dragging my leg, a painful toll.
Confusion reigns, thoughts intertwine,
A world of chaos, a mind unkind.

Fragments of truth, a shattered scene,
No common ground, no shared keen.
Agreement lost, a distant dream,
In this bleak reality, I softly scream.

We find ourselves in a place we can't be,
We don't have consensus, we can't agree to agree.
Merely our voices lose, lost in the noise
We have no remains in dignity, nothing about poise.
Nylee Mar 8
Slowly taking away every piece of me written from this place
My power is limited, but I love the feeling of purge
it will be fresh start, gradually and then all of a sudden
It will be blessing in disguise, a hidden current,
Stilled in backdated history, written words are not immortal.
  Mar 7 Nylee
Ciel Noir
it is strange when I look back
at all the things I chose to say

poems about quantum physics
poems about DNA

I am quite aware that I might
come across a little odd

thinking about thinking
looking at the sky
looking for God

it gives me shivers when I see
the pattern running through it all

staring out into the void
and reaching out behind my walls

strange encrypted souls
building our bridges into the unknown

strange to feel so understood
strange that I am not alone
When you're cloaked in a pall of gloom
Life seems bland with colours gone
The little flower in her humble bloom
Will say she's there you aren't alone.
The flower won't ever let you feel alone.
  Mar 1 Nylee
I don't have a hold,

my mind's floating in the sky --

rootless like seaweed.
Composition #021 "hYDAtorizon" for paino, string quartet and video ("Rooted in water", 1988, Yannis Kyriakides), performed by Quatuor Bozzini and Reinier van Houdt in the Organpark on November 26th, 2023

Collection "org anp ark" #328
Nylee Feb 28
Are we closer or
farther apart from where we started?
are we becoming more or
less human?
we simmer in the water,
existentially becoming bleaker
in a world that is going faster.
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