I Don't Know Mar 4
I'm a paper
He's a flame
He's burning me alive,
Yet the moment is too beautiful to end.
I'm blackening:
the more time I spend with him, the worse I suffer.

Yet I never leave.

I can't picture life without him, without the danger of his fire.
Everyone is repulsed by his warning signs, pillars of smoke guarding him, while I breathe it in.

My friends tell me to leave,
before the
become worse.

But I like the feeling of being enraptured by his heat.
I like how he burns me,
With scars that won't ever go away
And that's okay.
I Don't Know Jan 27
I'm realizing a silence between us,
terrible and infinite
My lips practically beg for death,
anything at all, to escape the
fiery inferno that is you
You don't care as you scorch me,
you barely notice;
i can't seem to let go either
I'm obsessed with getting burnt
I crave the feeling.

I'm burning,
But that doesn't matter.
Because we're burning together.
I Don't Know Jan 27
We're all kissing through masks
close, yet still
choosing to keep hidden
Personal, yet
oh so far away
Bodies touching delicately;
minds lightyears apart

— The End —