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Nicole Lacanilao Dec 2015
You should be over this by now.
What's wrong with you?
I ask myself repeatedly
Others tell me that too.

And then I hear from Him
The most important Voice of all.
I stumble again. I get up, then fall
But when my flesh fails
When my soul wails
He is the strength of my heart

When I feel as though no one understands
I recount the work of His hands
I read on what He has done
I cry out in desperation

Not forsaken, not unloved
As He feels what I feel
My broken heart, He does heal
He weeps when I weep
He dances over me
Singing with empathy
I'm here. I'm here
Is what I hear

What is this pursuit of me?
When I'm unfaithful
He comes after me
I hold on to Him because
He empowers me.
Inspired by some Psalms
Nicole Lacanilao Nov 2015
Render this time as sacred
More precious than gold
Render this time as valuable
A Life was sold

I speak of this time that I'd so easily trade
For that which is temporary
And those that so easily fade
This time that should be priceless
Because it was bought
And given to me

I want this time to be
More than just part of the routine
More than something to foresee
More than a task of that never-ending to do list.

I call the Giver of this time my Lord
But all the time for the mundane, I hoard
I see lordship but not for Him
I see lordship for me and to me
Selfishness at its epitome

So I bow my sorry head
Sorry for the life I've led
Where I chose to spend this time
All for me
When my God was not the priority

Grace, oh, grace I ask
From this time on
I choose to spend this time in light of eternity
quiet time, devotion, whatever you call it
Nicole Lacanilao Nov 2015
"I love You, O Lord, my strength,"
I cried at the remainder of life's length.
I will worship You forevermore.
Like eagles, on wings I will soar.
All by Your grace, I finished the race.
I'm seeing You, my Father, face to face.

Come, My son, come home
The life you lived, My glory shown
The loved ones you left behind
Are not without care. They're on My mind.
I've heard their prayers. I've seen their tears.
I am beyond their apprehensions and fears.
I am their God Who'll see them through
Just as I have been faithful to you.
A poem in memory of my cousin, Cholo Seva, who lived a life of love in awe of his God
April 19, 1976 - October 30, 2015

Psalm 18:1
Isaiah 40:31
2 Timothy 4:7
Isaiah 38:5

I miss him already.
Nicole Lacanilao Oct 2015
My child, I rejoice over you with singing
With dancing, I take delight in you.
Every tear, I wiped while you were crying
With love, I saw you through

Go and speak. Go and tell.
Of how I redeemed you after you fell.
Fell into the depths of sin and shame
Fell into pride to lift up your name.

But My child, My love is greater still
Greater than your finite mind, soul, and will.
I pursued you with Love everlasting
Even if it entailed My Son dying

With Him you were raised
So I am greatly to be praised.
Every moment with Me is not a waste.
I am in your midst. I am mighty to save.
Sept 4, 2015
Kids Church Team Up

Inspired by Zephaniah 3:17
Nicole Lacanilao Aug 2015
I opened my eyes and saw many wondrous things:
The clouds at day and the stars at night,
The sea that spans the vast horizon,
Creation–He made with such delight.

And then I look at me: intricately woven,
Made with so much love,
Fashioned in the image of God above.
He knows me more than I know myself
The depths of my dark past, the whereabouts of the now,
Every detail of the distant future or what'll happen after now.

I stand mesmerized by that Love that cares about every detail of me
Even where I'll spend eternity.
Undeserving of that grace, that forgiveness, the blood that was shed on the cross,
I'm even more in awe of how this battle was not Love's loss.
He rose so I can rise. He conquered so I can conquer.

What better response can I do than share that Love and fall in worship too?
July 31, 2015
I was tasked to write a devotional for a leaders' meeting.
Psalm 8
Psalm 139
Psalm 100
Tell me what intrigues you.

Simple task, right?
Tell me. What. Intrigues. You.
It could be something old or new
One word, maybe two
Whether it be why the sky isn't red
Or why we don't bleed blue

Tell me what intrigues you

Maybe its how starfish chew
Where the candles flame flew off to once grandpa blew
Why a bubble pops when caressed too soon
Or how you don't' need glasses to change your point of view

Tell me what intrigues you

Like how loving certain people can be considered taboo
When will Mr.World Peace make his debut
How despite being confined by concrete the flower still grew
Or why we can continue to do unto but not undo

Tell me what intrigues you

Like what does money really do
When change is supposedly due
Maybe where our death leads us to
Or why orphans are stuck playing guess who

Tell me what intrigues you

How windows and not lies are see through
When does the Government plan to play duck/duck/truth
Why color isn't synonymous to ivory hues
Or why the biggest fast food supplier is actually disguised as the news

Tell me, Tell me..  what is it that intrigues you?
Nicole Lacanilao Aug 2015
Dazed, I lie down on my bed
With so many thoughts racing through my head.
Am I loved? Do I matter?  Insecurities galore,
but here, You found me so broken. Waiting and wanting for more
More of what? That I didn’t know.
Until You made me realize that Your love upon me is what I need
and You will bestow

Humbled, I lied down in my bed
With so many thoughts racing through my head
Your love that You graciously lavished upon me
Is overwhelming.  How could this be?

Amazed, I lie down on my bed
With so many thoughts racing through my head.
You’re too much for my finite mind to ever comprehend
Thank You for the love that has no end.
May 22, 2012
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