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Take my head and lead the way
Let's just take it day by day
Let your voice whisper in my ear
All the lovely things I've been waiting to hear
Kiss my lips and touch my skin
I feel a slight rush, it's my adrenaline
Trace your fingers down my spine
That'll make my head spin
Tell me you love me
And don't ever let me be
Run your fingers through my hair
And tell me you'll always be here with me
Sing to me till I fall asleep
Then tell me I'm something that you'll always want to keep
Hold me close at night
And whisper "everything is going to be alright"
I'll wake up to you looking into my eyes
My eyes blue as the morning sky
You'll kiss me passionately and say "I love you"
I'll reply and say "I love you too"
Then we'll run away from our problems and you'll take my hand
And watch our love expand
Nan Trapp Messer Oct 2014
As I look up, as I do every night. My thoughts,my heart are...where. I know.  Looking up to the sky. As I do. I can't help but to...think, wonder. Are they there, looking back at me ? I SO hope so
Thoughts of my SON and OTHERS that I miss, too much

— The End —