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kat Sep 2016
my fingers have forgotten how to hold a pen,
and let worlds flow from my lips

my eyes have forgotten how to open,
they've been closed since you left

my feet have forgotten how to dance,
they patiently wait for you to come back

but my tears have not forgotten how to run

and my lips have not forgotten how to scream out your name when I am alone

and my heart has not forgotten how to love you
kat Jun 2013
Another night without you,
morning come and you're gone.
Where are you,
in a world filled with hatred and war.
I hope you're somewhere safe,
somewhere much more inviting.

Children with their fathers,
hand in hand,
laughing until they can laugh no more.
And I sit alone,
quietly watching them with the fear
that I will never see my daddy again.

I've cried all my tears,
I haven't laughed for the whole year.
There's not a day I don't think about you,
or a day I don't miss you.

Maybe, someday,
we will meet again.
In an afterlife
with so much more joy than this one.

But I hope you'll recognize the broken girl I've become,
with scarred wrists and teared eyes.
I'm not the happy child I was when you left,
I'm something much darker.

It's not a happy Father's Day for the fatherless.

— The End —