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Miss Fit Feb 2019
A hundred times I tried
A thousand times I failed
A million times I lied
A billion more times I failed
And a trillion times I cried

I lived in fear everyday
Bullets hit they did not ricochet
I waited for that day
That single day
For the one that would save the day

He was my one and only
With him I needed not to be
Scared, afraid or terrified
By our covenant he would abide
In his presence was my delight
In his embrace I saw the light

Our relationship was never bright
But I always dreamt of being his bride
I imagined making vows in a gown so white
But the reality hit me with all its might
The love we had for each other, we always had to hide
It was either we lose each other or lose our lives
We could bear neither so we covered ourselves in lies

Through the darkness, through the light
Through daylight and through the night
Whatever time of day we had to hide

Hiding from the battles of the war
At the same time hiding from our own wars
Fighting on opposite sides of the war
Was the greatest challenge we had to face
We never intended to fight the war
But joined it only to save face

Dodging bullets, striving to achieve
Upsetting hornets but trying to live
Violence was the order of the day
Always seeking resuscitation
Seeking doctors everyday
When what we needed was not medication
Indeed we were victims of intoxication
But we were not looking for physical recuperation
What we really needed was intellectual restoration
We needed spiritual inspiration
Then again there was the physical calculation
It was 'needed' for our own recuperation

But in the end, at the end of it all
We all wondered
What was it worth? But nothing else mattered

It was just the war
Nothing less, nothing more
We were all striving to achieve
Striving to live
Even though it destroyed our love
That was one thing we could never have
We could never, ever have love

Miss Fit
Miss Fit Feb 2019
So I was thinking aloud I was thinking about
All the evil in the world
And I had my doubts
To an extent of losing words I don't know if that's allowed  
I was thinking of Pandora
Sent by the gods to humankind, but failed to see the best of both worlds
Her disobedience laced curiosity unleashed a plethora
Of all kinds of evils, vices that no words
Can describe. And taught my feet
To follow in her footsteps  
In the beginning there was perfection
In Zeus' higher
Prometheus caused distortion, Stole fire In a bid to assist
A gesture that Zeus would resist
And bestow a punishment of some kind
Eternal ******* with a rock
And sent an eagle to mock
And with its beak poke at his liver
Forever I am many steps behind this offender
But our boats are harboring in the same dock  
Does it not tell the all too familiar story
Of retrogression, so inexplicable
Of evils that come before glory
Only to pave way for peace that is never reachable    

I was imagining Atlantis
And how it must have been the epitome of perfection
The ultimate Utopian sensation
Only to disappear, something seems amiss.
Yet nonexistent is that eminence in the present
All dwelling in the ocean's depth, death so imminent
No more footsteps, no more hands Just faint footprints among the sands  

Yes I was thinking of the reasons for all the unhappiness
That remains mystified,
All the heart breaks
That never seem to be justified,
The feelings of emptiness
That can't seem to be fulfilled,
And how the days of old reveal
What it was like in the ideal
Two halves conjoined
Separated because they challenged the gods
Failing to avoid
Eternal incompleteness against the odds
Who am I to wish for change
My foregangers never even gave me a chance  
Speaking of change
It probably doesn't exist
Not then, not now
Like prisoners in a cave,
Plato tried to reason
All we see is a shadow
Of reality in and out of season
And when we do see the light
Let alone the enlightened. Blinded still
We may,we might,
We most certainly will
Fail to realize our ignorance
Fail and never see the glory days
 We are forever losing our feet
Falling head first
Supposedly moving forward, but realizing the worst
We are steps behind, following in the footsteps of forerunners we'll never meet  

Miss Fit
Miss Fit Feb 2019
Have you ever wondered how life begins?
Am I talking about biology? By no means
I mean, biologically, we all understand how life begins
From a single celled, tiny unidentified embryo, with no idea what life itself means
We all grew
But who knew
That, that little fetus
Would one day be a recognizable organism?
Either bloom into a beautiful lotus
Or balloon into an enormous crocus
Or grow up to be an object of barbarism

Have you ever thought of how it’s possible to juxtapose
Twins in the womb, and how there’s just a pause
Between their births into the world
A world that was birthed by just a word

Have you ever imagined what the first seed looked like?
Or how the first flower came into being
How God molded the seed that would produce the prickly spike
That identifies only a full grown acacia even before it comes into being
Or how the Creator planted the seed of instinct
In every creature to survive the start of every season
And caused a similar seed to grow in every distinct
Human being giving them the power to reason

Have you ever imagined how the first snowflake
Fell lightly to the earth to face the fate
Of melting and sinking into the sandy, seemingly fake
Piece of ground awaiting green growth, a suitable playmate

Have you ever pondered upon
The first musician’s beat
What caused the members of the first band to meet
How their first melody sounded and so on

Have you ever questioned, ‘What kind of genre was the very first song that was sung?’
Or how, where, when and why the one and only, the very first guitar was strung?
I know those lines were way too long
But I really must end this song

Do you know how I, as a poet came into being?
Well, what can I say?
That’s a story for another day
Because this, right here, is only just the beginning

Miss Fit

— The End —