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 5d Me
how can I dream or dance or sing
or any other happy thing
 5d Me
On my way to the hireling fayre
the cage of bones rattled there

silently he drove the cart
as fatal as thunder was his heart

blindfolded I so I couldn’t start
in reckless flight into the sun

monarch flew on lonely
through the skies
her empty metal heart held you & I

a painful throb that is my heart
slow & grave as it restarts

one small thing

hidden in my hand
was your ring
 5d Me
a scarlet flash is
just something you said

as quicksilver thoughts
swim through your head

I am only water
all can drown

moonlit lit along the sound
silver topped waves softly pound

Venus rising from the sea
her naked heart was out of bounds
she would not sing for you or me

on your feet the sand is soft
almost cream or apricot

we couldn’t hold our sand or time
it ran through our fingers like water or wine
For my fellow poets the Venus of this is the birth of Venus Botticelli not the planet💛
 5d Me
 5d Me
Indian embassy, a cold winter’s day
you said I don’t like London, it’s city ways

look,I said, high above the busy Strand
the gorgeous buildings in marble hung
one small plane high
in winter blue & frosted sky
distant gleams of sunset fire

silence there so glorious the vista leading
St Paul’s in the distance gleaming

at the cathedral in Strasbourg I saw you cry
you saw beauty as much as I

I try to raise my song to opera for you
it is the last thing I can do

on the far beach
dusk so brief
one great sea eagle solitary flies
his heart as lonely as the skies

wide circling there
saying how unwisely blindly
I loved you

to the sun
slipping to the Arabian sea
last radiance streaming gold

lost, the star crossed
left here alone to dream
fugue broken incomplete

on Echo beach you smoke & dream
I was moving to the beat of the band
of our future I had no doubt
last track in Luna cafe fading out
 5d Me
mirrored reflections of a thousand selves
one body,one soul
an infinty, she was
September 9~

bowties and my grandmother's lullabies
a shirt and a pant and I have made a living though I died
last summer I was on amphetamines
screaming, crying and I got lost with no bones, no thighs

September 9
nets are there and my hair is dyed
remember my child
star- shades won't let you die

love the sky and the paper in which you write
be blue but with a shine, so that like a sun
you can walk beside the shadows at night
and always remember there is a friend by your side

let the inks fade that makes you bleed all the time
and the stitch the scars with flowers
for when you bleed, you will be alright
blooming, holding life because you are-

you are-
full of life
Starfire sprinkled in your skin
you are the queen of the demise
for forever you have been dead
and I have kept your fire alight.
I will write poetry until I heal completely. Today is day 1.

I am so excited about this project:")  

because it's me who will get me out of bed, who will keep me breathing, who will keep my fire burning and I will be with my stars to hold me and keep me alive. let me breathe tonight. let me heal my life.
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