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Me May 30
Going to
taking pills talking
talking to people
rough thoughts
in my head

Breast heavy
flow interrupted
step by
got it?
I am doing what I can to get out of it... people tell me it takes time. I am impatient simply because I want t feel better.
May 30 · 131
Me May 30
Nothing comes naturally
anymore nothing
flows through you and makes you
forget time
everyone tells you It's coming back
It' coming
back but you just wonder
when and how
I am not inspired to do the stuff I love doing anymore, and people tell me it's a phase, it's coming back. I really hope it does, cause I miss being in a flow state.... At the moment I just pass the time.....
May 8 · 324
Me May 8
I am relieved to be
in your life again I am
a bit
lost for words
I freak
My inspiration is not with me somehow. I used to flow in my writing, but it's not like that right now.
Apr 8 · 168
Me Apr 8
I hate
sad poetry
I hate when flood gates
do not open
stuck inside
I hate
sad poetry
Apr 8 · 1.7k
Me Apr 8
It feels like
the middle of the day and yet
you are
It feels like a river that does not flow
Apr 8 · 125
Me Apr 8
Nothing is an option anymore everything
dull as if
not yet in sunlight not in darkness everything
is not as it was and it was never as it is
you are
and you can feel it
like thick air melting without
to go
you can smell it like you smelled roses before
you can
it like you would touch silk or leather only that
this touch
is reminiscent of nothing that you need to dig deeper for
and this
blocks every attempt to do so
to dig
for feelings
Boredom sits at my bedside and stares at me.
Mar 28 · 112
Beginning of Sunlight
Me Mar 28
I cannot see it
and dare not
letting go
Mar 11 · 103
Blind Spot
Me Mar 11
You taught me about
the blind spot I fear you are
Mar 8 · 99
Me Mar 8
I know how to be
I want to be
I have not been happy for about four years now. It's about time.
Mar 7 · 123
Me Mar 7
Fat and pink they grow
on the side of the riverbed
flowers too good to be just
this pretty for hours
Kind of boring. But I like the image :)
Mar 7 · 117
Me Mar 7
You think you throw bombs
and they destroy me
I throw flowers back
you think in your head
everything makes sense
you think I'm too dense
to reflect
I throw flowers back
You think you invaded my home town
you did not
you think your force overthrows me
I throw flowers back.
Mar 7 · 281
Me Mar 7
Through half closed eyes I see
your halo
against the moonlit rain
Night time stories.
Mar 7 · 106
Me Mar 7
You pick up your pen
to get off your chest what lies on it
heavy like a stone
and you write
inch by inch
bit by bit
what needs to be written down
of all the horrors your eyes have witnessed
all the beauty that you remember
your hand shakes
pouring ink all over your page
and yet you get all the numbers right
all the names and ancient signs
You pick up your pen again this night
and you write honouring all ancient women' names
in the soft moonlit room
You put down your pen
out of breath and sweat pearling down your chest
you wrote
another night
against all odds
for the life of them
Mar 7 · 248
Me Mar 7
A poem without words with nothing that
your fragile skin
a poem that connects what
still beats for peace and freedom
A poem dedicated to all those who must flee from their own homes.
Mar 7 · 93
Me Mar 7
Late winter light beam
streams into you
Mar 2 · 66
Me Mar 2
Eyes burning
heart yearning
for something
to hold
Mar 2 · 102
Me Mar 2
A Tagging on my sleeve
a feeling
I cannot put my finger on it
crawls up my legs
into my chest
and rests
I feel lonely. I have friends and something like flatmates, but I still at times feel terribly lonely.
Feb 28 · 73
Me Feb 28
seems so hard to make out
at times I want to shout everyone down
and catch a glimpse of
I am suffering from a depression. I am glad I am writing again. It is so much work, every single day. And sometimes progress is hard to make out.
Me Feb 28
Running wild wild he
now steps freely
own yellow eyes now in use of his own good
wild wild she is now
running freely
between pear trees under
yellow skies
wild wild they run freely
under gaze of Moon and Jupiter and Mars
wild spots in blue oceans
on a canvas of stars
Feb 28 · 77
Ejaculation of Words
Me Feb 28
All the words kept
inside for the sake of it for fear of not being
perfect enough of not fitting
the situation now they come
come up
blobbing like hot water in that volcano lake
they shoot out
like eager spring flowers
only harder
They gather only for split seconds before
they can really make sense they
in that volcano lake but look
there's a whole lot of them coming out
This happens when I keep silent for a long time when nothing seems to make sense anymore. Now I give a **** and hope that I will find some sense again. And meanwhile I just start writing again. **** it.
Feb 28 · 258
The Inner Child
Me Feb 28
You go inward trying to

but the child
does not speak to you
I know you are there. Please talk to me.
Feb 28 · 57
Me Feb 28
From behind your head something
makes you feel like
a young child
and know not
what it is

From inside yourself

a way to go
to where and how long you
simply cannot know it
The word I cannot hear anymore is Patience.
Feb 4 · 459
Me Feb 4
Slowly, very slowly, the child stops fighting, starts to lay down shield and sword and crawls out of its dark corner, shifts towards the light [...]
Apr 2021 · 182
Me Apr 2021
You tell me you're
but I cannot find much peace and quiet and
I seem to be
to settle into it
and sad impatient
Stand by me please
Apr 2021 · 185
Me Apr 2021
Today I feel like
everything's going to be
Apr 2021 · 244
Extra Kind
Me Apr 2021
So it seems you sit in your deepest wound
what to do, dear
what to do except
be extra kind to it
so that it
may heal
I pray to Universe, It feels very painful.
Apr 2021 · 239
Tight Heart
Me Apr 2021
Clench clench clench
I begin to feel again
It is
An empty fear
Apr 2021 · 97
Me Apr 2021
Out of the sand your
face emerges
eyes closed lids
Apr 2021 · 115
A Sea of White Pearls
Me Apr 2021
A sea of white pearls
in my chest
and cool
and I can rest now
Apr 2021 · 202
Psychiatrical Place
Me Apr 2021
Two beds chairs
plastic floor sterile
clinic place this is
me too
in anxiety and sad
and playing
table football
Apr 2021 · 112
True Love
Me Apr 2021
Once you do love
your whole self
because you have set out to discover this
everyone who really
truly loves you
in your own heart
love does not know
This is the gateway to freedom, I peer into it and am it. One foot still on "safe" ground, making sure making sure making..... <3 Come along

True Love is not property. You cannot withhold it, no one can withhold it from you. You don't need to possess it. Because it is you. Happy Easter <3
Apr 2021 · 113
Me Apr 2021
Racing mind self left
behind and
momentarily blinded to your truth
let it be there share
if you like and my stomach
twists and clenches
Apr 2021 · 95
The Gift Of Love
Me Apr 2021
A golden blanket wrapped
around you
Her words
I will always be with you
and you begin to accept
their feeling true
This poem was a challenge. I will not delete it.
Mar 2021 · 105
The Voice Of The Heart
Me Mar 2021
Coming through again for
what seems a very deep night
the voice
of your Heart
accepting fear and all of fear's
what ifs with a knowing conspiratorial smile
Mar 2021 · 241
Big Stretch
Me Mar 2021
It's too much
of a stretch by now
to pretend to not see and not
be as powerful as you are and you'll
peacefully drop it

Mar 2021 · 311
New To Me
Me Mar 2021
It's frightening so
so frightening to be
open and bare and the mask
fluttering in the
air beside me
a moment from
floating away
Mar 2021 · 73
Like Wet Clay
Me Mar 2021
Like wet clay you lie
beside me I feel
your cool arms and shins
and I don't fear
your yellow eyes anymore
Mar 2021 · 702
A Moment Of Peace
Me Mar 2021
A skinny day peeks through
your window asks,
Could I come in,
you have already brewed
a second cup of coffee
your skin warm
and you listen
Mar 2021 · 89
By A Thread
Me Mar 2021
Old systems hanging by a thread stone walls massive built from deep fear and desire to protect what is not there yet
Deep walls cold walls already
a crack runs
through them until the edges a crack so long and thorough you know -
And you heart widens with that knowledge and great relief comes in -
that it is already inevitably on the way to
crumble now
crumble down and become
dust that flies
with the air
so that your people can see it
can believe it
I must see this through til the end you think
not knowing what exactly this means what exactly -
But it does not matter
And you have so much space
to breathe now
to breathe
And so you do just that you
fill your lungs


for what feels like
the first time
in ages
"May it be the shadow's call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun"
- Enya, May It Be
Mar 2021 · 108
A Bird in the Night
Me Mar 2021
A bird in the night *****
its golden-blue wings
just do disturb your
ongoing thoughts of doom
Mar 2021 · 128
Me Mar 2021
You are not afraid of
a sharp blade
any longer
for you trust the purity
of your intentions
and the heart
that has never failed you
" [...] My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play in it, for good or evil, before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many.'"
- Gandalf's words, J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

What is it that lies
at the core of humanity
Mar 2021 · 87
Me Mar 2021
In the middle of the
grey path
amidst all the
dust and rubble and
noise there lies
a pink almond blossom
because it followed you
and it always
does so
the way
Mar 2021 · 199
Me Mar 2021
You watch
in silent amazement from
where you stand
in the middle
as time completely
rearranges itself
before your very eyes
Mar 2021 · 103
Me Mar 2021
The wind blows the grains of dry sand
away from the paper and
a question emerges
Who are you
in clear letters
You remember
and hear
the earnest tone of this phrase
and no hint of your own
is mirrored
in this question
A reckless kid asks for a soothing counterpart...
Mar 2021 · 108
The Cave of Water and Light
Me Mar 2021
A breath-taking pattern on the lime stone ceiling
of flittering light square shapes
vibrating as the clear pool of water does underneath
you stand in awe -
meanwhile the words are still growing
in your heart and you know
you wait a little longer
Mar 2021 · 106
Hands in the Wind
Me Mar 2021
Your hair
floating flapping
in the wind
you move
and you are able to
look back look forward
as far as you dare
tilt your head up
sideways but you

and you need not
Mar 2021 · 201
The Turtle Emerges
Me Mar 2021
If they were all my children I'd say
you have done well
til here
shake off the doubt
If they were all
my children
I'd say
I'm kind of proud
of you -
to all her children
never withholds
her trust
never does anything to truly harm
she sees you
and thus becomes
evermore calm
so as to maybe catch you
in mid-fall
the challenge
you imposed on yourself
Last night I dreamt of a turtle sticking her head out of the sea. Looking very purposeful in the act :) I'm kind of grateful. And want to share it.
Mar 2021 · 258
Good To See
Me Mar 2021
Good to see you take it
with a laugh a smile a
teary eye from being so
Good to see you are
my dear
to see you hear the lightness
I love mankind for taking everything with humour.
Mar 2021 · 95
Are You Awake
Me Mar 2021

Are you awake says the night to the dark
weaving the light of the sparkling stars
into your warm dreaming heart
are you awake

Mar 2021 · 94
The Sea
Me Mar 2021
The smells the breeze the
glistening reflected
rays of sunlight
already reach you
though the sea itself
out of sight
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