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2h · 28
The Cosmic Heart
Me 2h
Ideas thoughts photons dart
at the sheer spaciousness -
is your heart there
in the middle
2h · 23
Orion's Belt
Me 2h
Three bright figures stretch
across the night sky -
a pinpoint delivery
my restless eye
before I dare go to sleep
18h · 26
The Lighthouse
Me 18h
On a dark blue ocean wave rides
a red-white striped
inward and out -
You cannot miss it
22h · 20
In No Time
Me 22h
Little thin shy lines of green light
Stretch out their heads
If allowed
And send a beating
Pulse back
Have your heart melt
In no time
1d · 203
Me 1d
One click
Chapstick safe
No view
Eyes down
Frown covered up
Under layers
Of safeguard
No stare
Gets you
Your hair never
A mess
Dive down
Soul thrives
3d · 40
Me 3d
A merciless clarity rubs
Your white collarbone *****
At your lips
Has your breath hitch before
One final
Twist of your gut
3d · 25
Me 3d
Night exhales
Her cold breath in your face
Telling you stories of fear

A nightingale shouts
Her little heart out
For your soul to hear
Where to reach

A rush through the air
Your head tilted back
By a violent grab of your hair

A little bird's flutter
Two lips that stutter
A motionless prayer

A story of Night
That likes to play make-believe

A young pounding heart
That learns within brief
It was played from the start

This tale
Just a dream
Of tonight
I honestly do not know what has gotten into me. Scaring myself a bit.
3d · 38
The First Time
Me 3d
In the middle of the middle
of no space
a pair of yellow, childlike eyes,
innocent and with
just a trace of oblivion,
Is it open, or opens?
Me 5d
A girl in the streets, *****, untidy hair a scary look on the face plays
a violin facing
all the while
the man who hates it

One by one he
her strings but she
keeps playing without a single
alteration on her face

Not even after the
string has - with a final thud - been cut in half
does she stir

And only when -

It's only then that he does realise
grows pale and with wide eyes feels something sting:
the sound never came from the instrument.

He exhales
gives in
surrenders to the
vibrant sound surrounding
his every cell and hair and thought
in what ought to be
for so long
Me 5d
On her penultimate breath she
pulls out the shiny
new old card in her deck which reads
I am sovereign
holding it up to show
to trigger
another kind of
Do not hide your very personal opinions. It's fine if they mean most to you. It's fine if they do NOT coincide with what you think is public opinion.
6d · 122
Me 6d
You're ready, you say, oddly proud
my face in your hands before you draw
two lines with *******, two lines of white on each of my cheeks, nodding earnestly
smiling ever so warmly as if saying
I'll be only a few steps behind, if not closer for now
all the time
my eyes ask of you
all the time yes all the time your presence
answers, reassures
and I detach
not detach
and take a step forward into the snow
the cold where I can see my breath forming clouds
and it is not cold at all
it is not cold
Me 7d
Standing proudly now in his
purple silk-dress, tall
and lifting
the sky on his back
come on,
he says
I think I am allowed
what an untypical sight he makes;
that proud face lacking
all signs of arrogance
7d · 37
Me 7d
How does the light work
Says the bird to the other
And does it hurt to get
Caught in its radiance
Nov 19 · 42
Me Nov 19
Bleeding hands,
dear rub
your  face
analyse over and over
       what is there to ask but
one thing:
do you
really wanna cling to this
do you
Ask the question that implies the answer;
Ask from the place of the answer to help this part get to you.
Me Nov 18
something I do not want to share
stares right at you
but hides at the same time because
I told it so -
because it cannot just spill out yet
through my unshielded skin
[calling you out]
before I'm ready to
invite you in again
Nov 18 · 106
Me Nov 18
Tugging tirelessly
at your sleeve tapping
on your shoulder knee
the beat that keeps
through it grow
the limitation
I feel uncomfortable arghhhh......
Nov 17 · 30
Cronus and Reah
Me Nov 17
Time without flow without
trusting becomes
a paranoid thing
The birth of time as the birth of the possibility to alter, decay, die; sure that must be scary at first, for a god ;)
Nov 17 · 37
Thinking in Poetry
Me Nov 17
As a lightning strikes
down right at your bare feet
you await -
calm -
The thunder
Me Nov 12
You look at Yourself, at what you are, how soft you feel, how gentle - and you think - can that be can that really be here -  and you start growing around Yourself grow around until every inch of this gentleness is now
protected until
every cell and non-cell knows
You are supposed to be exactly this way and right here where you are
until you intertwine
with what you protect
know it inside out and
embody it without
hiding without thinking without
Being what you always were
Here and Now.
Nov 12 · 21
Open Doors
Me Nov 12
It feels worthwhile now
to not fear
open doors and

It feels
worthwhile to let



Nov 12 · 54
Growing into
Me Nov 12
Do you
Make Yourself
Do you
Make Yourself the Place
That you call Home
Nov 11 · 30
Me Nov 11
Your shield and sword merge
into one thing being
a dead sure

you can
I'm tired of shielding myself or even filtering **** out. I am what I am.
Me Nov 10
with every inch of skin and every
wondrous bone
Your body serves you
Imagine every
Beat of the Heart every new
pumping of blood
for you to thrive
Nov 9 · 35
Me Nov 9
You sit
a crowd of strangers
Admit you like
their unasked
Unasked, unmasked... 😘
Nov 7 · 160
Me Nov 7
Lately I want to
swallow the sun
never enough of the warmth
What can I say
Nov 7 · 20
Me Nov 7
There's a woman sitting
on a chair in the garden thinking
is that all right are things
really going
alright thinking
there's a boy squatting
in the grass in the backyard not kicking
the football thinking
is this all going well is it
okay that way thinking
there's a girl looking
at the corn flower not moving thinking
is everything really how it should be are things
going how they should thinking
there's an old man pausing on his  daily walk squinting
into the last rays of sunlight thinking well if this is
alright and fine thinking
     there's a baby popping out of
a mother
not thinking already
loving all that offers
itself in this place already sensing
this is going to be
a hell of an adventure sensing
     somewhere an old man
suddenly feels
an impulse to keep
A boy slaps his own thighs gets up howls
into the evening light kicking
a ball a woman letting out
a breath she was holding lifting
her can to water
the flowers a girl
sets herself back
into motion
a smile on the face somewhere
in space a green planet
has gained new
Nov 4 · 43
Boomerang Mind
Me Nov 4
He never throws his mind too far
into the space of
he taught himself that
after every
call it back
so that it does not lose connection
I just like the imagery :) I don't like the sound, though. It's more like. a clever poem, but that's ok I guess.
Nov 4 · 26
The Cage
Me Nov 4
It felt like protection
those bars around you
now have become
keeping your hands
away from the stars
What'ya gonna do? <3
Nov 3 · 45
Me Nov 3
A girl walks
along the street in twilight voting
every second of her life
with every
shake of the head every
twist of her figure every hummed
word every scream
every time a hand is lifted
in aspiring connection
for a coming together
for removing the walls for
not looking
away from what hurts has hurt
for a long time

There's a boy standing
on the surface of the Earth voting
with every breath every muscle
every fibre of the heart
for this girl
You vote with all you have and all you are every day, not just today/tonight in one country of the world. Every one of your ideas, thoughts, inspiration has full  power to change everything.
Nov 2 · 59
A Kiss
Me Nov 2
calls you,
You're fully here

To me and everyone 😘
Oct 30 · 54
What a Sight
Me Oct 30
What a sight;
the big tree bending
his crown towards
the ground just to make sure -
is he still safely rooted
to the earth -
for all this time his trunk
felt irritably numb and so
and so
he couldn't know,
he couldn't
Can you empathise?
Oct 29 · 51
A Story of Three
Me Oct 29
A girl with soft hair cut
herself in three parts once;
One to break forth
and live
through every wild adventure,
one to pretend
to hold her back
to never lack the challenge,
and then the third to have
this story
written down and merge them
back together
like feathers falling from the sky
before your feet
and have you read this,
and have you
read this
Oct 29 · 24
Learned Things
Me Oct 29
During the Long Night
a snowflake got caught
in your dark hair
shimmering in silver light

During the Long Night
You always knew
how to conserve a spark
how to share its light
Oct 26 · 236
The Moon Thinking
Me Oct 26
I'll write until I surely know
The morning light
Has found You

She writes she writes
Until the night has settled
Confidently in her lap again
Oct 26 · 30
Bending Time
Me Oct 26
Bending holding up
Time as you know it
My hand Clinging
To the minute hand the hour hand
We're in it
We're in it
Not tomorrow
Oct 14 · 120
Internal Painter
Me Oct 14
Your eyes scan
a person's face skin hair
first, and describe
in detail
every property;
your eyes scan
each person
to stuff them in
a category
for the sake of discourse
I have a friend who's very pale, one whose skin I'd say is light brown, one whose skin is pinkish-pale and freckled... they are not white, they are not black, first, unless they choose to be.
Oct 13 · 116
The Boulder in the River
Me Oct 13
I cringe behind
That boulder in the river
And all goes
Too fast
Too fast
The rest of me is in
Full floating mode
Aghast to see
This girl
This girl
And how she

It's fine :)
Oct 11 · 52
Me Oct 11
Something inside is beating louder, louder still. Hands fingers legs toes already spread as wide as possible and tense of knowing. Spread out and connected, less than a beat from-

This creature is just about to send a vigorous beat out - send it outward - crash - everything that it had acquired
everything out, accumulated within the vibrance of
in unbending blazing green beams of fast light -
light that goes through - that does not even know any kind of barrier nor reflection - this light does not need to think to plan to manage - this light is send out to be
something so strong there are no words -

You do not need to fear it though. You do not need to fear it.
It is for you. To be where you are, it sings.
It sings, whirrs, with no mercy.

You think of vines of ivy and something else. Of the light,
traveling where ever it likes. Unapologetically.
Oct 11 · 38
Me Oct 11
Don't be mad,
dear, don't walk by
the birds' cage
and give them
ideas of flying
Oct 9 · 171
When the Rain Stops
Me Oct 9
A girl speaks
into being
Oct 7 · 40
Encouraging Brahma
Me Oct 7
Something wet licking
my belly button
makes me send
a cascade
of joyous
light waves out
into where you have dwelled
the cradle of dark space,
my Dear -
I'd love
to see your face
Oct 6 · 348
Where You Are
Me Oct 6
Last night I saw
The earth's blueprint
On the moon's pale face
Looking back at me
Do you dream things like this, too
Oct 4 · 645
The Moon's Longing
Me Oct 4
A soft
pale-skinned child playing-
always wanting to play
always did in the past-
with the grounded kid
the one with such euphoric

The two of them
know each other better than
anyone else does

And yet they
hardly meet
Oct 1 · 70
The Beginning
Me Oct 1
The old Villa creaks under your careful steps. You know each nook and cranny, each dark, friendly and not so friendly corner. The wood and marble staircase spirals up like a reminiscent Chinese dragon, half asleep but moving. The chandelier - once crystal-clear and almost arrogant in its sparkling shine - now hangs from the high ceiling, unsure and slightly insecure about its own value. The doorknob under your warm hand feels irritatingly cold but familiar. You walk into what you know will be the hardest room for you. The room that you have avoided all this time but that, now, moves itself into your presence and you know, because you feel it, you cannot avoid it any longer. You don’t have to, either.
You turn the ****, and with a soft push the door gives in. One step, and you are in the room. You smell it, dusty childhood smell;
you know this, oh you know this, immediately. Yellow paper before you, crumpled school books, old toys, all of it - you remember
all of this.
You stand still for a moment. Half inside the room, half ready to leap backwards and shut the door again. You take a breath,
gathering your courage, your stability.
Then you experience a surging feeling, a wave-like movement that both comes towards you and seems to be oozing out of you, seeps from right out of your body, your chest. For a moment you have to close your eyes; it is too much.
in a powerful second inhale, you drink it all up, all of it, surrender
to all of this
with a magnificent pain and hot compassion, a lighting strike, that
all of it
until here
was necessary
made sense
makes sense
That you are all of this and more
and more
So much more.
Your lungs hold this breath, hold it for a timeless moment
before you, with utmost decisiveness and finality, open your eyes again
in slow-motion
one last time
all of it

Saluting every single cherished item

Before you let


and let everything

explode before your eyes

every structure

You lower your eyes

take a mental bow and step


And another step

You see

everything being lifted, moved around


explode in the air, into a million particles that are free to dance now

The things

the staircase the door the


the house



Somewhere at the shore, in white sand, a figure wakes up, stretching and shifting, squinting at the sparkling rays of sunlight reflected from the soft ocean waves. A naked, peaceful figure. The beach is as good as any place, and from here it begins.

A vague memory is welling up to the surface - vague, and yet engraved with care and absolute clarity;
there were certain things waiting here for a while.

A few meters away in the shade of the pine trees, there -

The figure gets up, a smile growing to full radiance. Naked feet starting to walk towards those trees, towards

Sep 28 · 472
Me Sep 28
I cannot get over
the sheer beauty
of this face
half white half
and lacking every feature
of a mask
Sep 28 · 25
Home: What It Is Now
Me Sep 28
Everything til here was like a story. A story that unfolded, backwards, until now
until now
You grabbed
The pen and started
To write it
Write it

You look up from the screen
You know
This is it


Is it
Sep 25 · 123
Quick Reflection
Me Sep 25
Just a split
and these glimmering
fragments appear
as words
before they drift and
merge again
but they came near you
into the beautiful pool
of preverbal
Sep 23 · 152
The Eternal Dancer
Me Sep 23
He takes you
By the hand swirling
You around in a delicious

And you will never
Break your legs, dear
You will never
Break your legs

You are
Made to dance
Made yourself so as
To dance and not fall
Or, if you wish, entitle it with The Internal Dancer :)
Sep 22 · 48
Me Sep 22
Don't worry, dear
The water

Is always

With you
Sep 12 · 40
Beyond Within
Me Sep 12
My whole system refuses
at this point

to opt
am I even
a girl or not

your whole system
all possible choices
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