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Me 3d
We did not stick
Only to cover
Each others'
But have set out
To let them heal
Now I can say it like this.
Sep 12 · 30
Beyond Within
Me Sep 12
My whole system refuses
at this point

to opt
am I even
a girl or not

your whole system
all possible choices
Sep 12 · 37
Me Sep 12
The slightest

your palm seeking
my chest

still working on
building down
the filters that have your hand stop
in mid-air
Sep 10 · 26
Me Sep 10
Did you ever
experience yourself
without any

without a job to
carve your
success into
a visible statue without
a family showing
to the world
how good a father mother sister brother child
you are
without a bank account
a weekly hobby
to bet on
your friendly
social side
a house
of bricks and decor

without a story
for small talk
without that which saves you
from all awkward moments
where the conversation
knocks an obstacle

Have I ever told you
I am
that obstacle
telling you
very good
very well done

from here you start
what you like

from here you see
when you look at yourself
yourself only
I don't mean to say jobs and friends and family and hobbies are stupid. You'll get it, I'm sure :)
Sep 9 · 35
A Beat Away
Me Sep 9
You cast your eyes down and I see your eyelashes, black and white, alternately gracing the see-through skin. You are in a state of such vulnerability that I do not even want to tell you, dare to tell you,
how beautiful you look from here, how your -
How you amaze me just by sitting like this,
so obviously ashamed of the closeness and with what is materialising
in the air, so thick we could slice it, and probably do so -
I think too much, still.
And you probably hear me thinking, not the thoughts though.
But I let a bit of the time pass, just like this, looking at you
because I cannot not be looking;
you averting your gaze, exuding what I feel to be just one
beat away from connecting.
I will wait a bit more, but I will not walk further away from here.
For I already see your left hand twitching a little, relaxing
just a tiny bit, getting ready to actually stretch out - and it makes
my stomach and throat and chest tighten in a rebellious sort of maybe-it’ll-be-too-much - so yes, it is me, too. It is me who is making the air thick, and my breathing heavy.
A sense of foreboding so palpable.
So I’ll wait.
Sep 8 · 40
Charged Words
Me Sep 8
Sending a chain of
charged words
to get you out of your stupor
they aim
at spots underneath your skin
vibrating all out
and up
that stuck to you
and made you slow in pace
and stagnant -

A shot of that
which makes
the water float
Sep 8 · 53
The Inner Translator
Me Sep 8
You hand me
words that I translate
into colour for you so that you
can understand
I loosen them up
break, gently, their hard lines and shapes
so that their energy becomes one
you can handle
so that this world becomes
one you can handle,
Sep 7 · 60
Me Sep 7
The thing sitting
on my chest
staring, wide-eyed
not saying
a word
not a single
Sep 6 · 567
The Rational Mind
Me Sep 6
The Rational Mind knows
There is no such thing
As the absence
Of feeling
A mind that truly serves you never denies emotion.
Me Sep 5
lies beyond shame;
being enveloped
in the certainty:

you are
Crack the smile for me
Sep 5 · 58
In the Open
Me Sep 5
to the wall naked
you can see
every inch of my body
and I feel
vulnerable and open
and you
asure me
Sep 5 · 23
Me Sep 5
A day where you just
Gaze up
At the sky and clouds
No need at all to think
"Should I"
A day to let all the things
Some things take time.
Sep 5 · 275
The Proud Animal
Me Sep 5
To cover your shyness
You stick
Your neck out of the waves
After a courageous inhale
Your sticky wings
And push yourself
Off the ground
Lips parting
When finally
You allow yourself the smile
That was building up
All this time:
You know how to fly now
Sep 4 · 25
Exploding Fabric
Me Sep 4
went with me and I
jubilate for it
for all that
explodes to be
free and open
and I recall it
a million times over
Sep 4 · 44
Me Sep 4
Do not apologise
for how you feel,
for your feeling
is always
I just realise that I justify or want to change my feelings towards certain people a lot, in my head, and  just now I realised  I don' t need to. They don't need to change, but neither do I.
Sep 3 · 38
The Creative Heart
Me Sep 3
Maybe now
I'll start over
feeling safe
for my tribe
How do you feel?
Sep 2 · 43
Encouraging the Fire
Me Sep 2
But what if I burn too much
says the fire
In that case I will
just put you out a bit

murmurs the water
and wraps itself
around the flames
just enough
to calm the fire down a bit
Me Sep 2
Even if you have your focus out
to outside
to attack, to jump, move, go forth-
You are
in truth
never going away from me
because, Love
I am not
outside of you
You are taking me with you
at every
focused or not
so no need to check
every time
that I might be gone
I am never gone
I am always there
So move, dear
conquer, explore, connect
and share with me
cause you're the one who moves us
Sep 1 · 36
Me Sep 1
Out of
your teeth appear
and I like it
I did
like it
Sep 1 · 37
Me Sep 1
I am the home
And the traveller
I am the roaring waters
And calamity
I am the flame that strikes
And the soothing wind
The deep forest
And the open prairie
I am the fist in your stomach
And that which opens
I am your widening heart
And that means everything

Sep 1 · 44
Dance With Me
Me Sep 1
You came to this world thinking
Start this
Party everything's

Go back to that, Love
Go back
To that

Dance 😘
Aug 31 · 43
Best-Case Scenario
Me Aug 31
from here
always to meet
your best-case scenario

Have fun :)
Aug 31 · 24
Me Aug 31
The impact of your golden boots on the cobble stone is heavy,
getting more decisive with every step of the path, forward.
Your deep-red silk cloak sways in the wind
and covers your shoulders and back;
you are on the way, and it is good.

Imagine a king who sets one foot in front of the other, not yet
a hundred percent convinced
that he is going to like his job, this work.
A king who, nevertheless, takes it, because it is his place
and because it is time.
Imagine a king walking with heavy step so as to be heard;
a king whose first command is one pronounced with utter clarity - because it is necessary.
Imagine a king emerging,
leaving all insecurities behind - because it is time.

Imagine this king, secretly pressing - under his red cloak -
his right hand on a spot a bit above his pounding heart,
bracing himself.
For all this is new.

Imagine a king who is human, and knows it.
Aug 30 · 39
The Home Within
Me Aug 30
Your Home within
til it becomes
and you are safe
What a good feeling
of true safety
I wish this to all of you.
Aug 30 · 42
We Deserve It
Me Aug 30
Like the fish deserves to swim
freely in the open water
so do we
deserve a safe space
that no one can call into question
I just had a breakthrough realisation (that also hurt a bit): Until now I never allowed myself the comfort of a safe home without drama - because I had learnt that material goods that bring safety (a place to live) always come with big drama and unsolvable conflict. Today, I realised, this is not true. The drama always came from something else. So I let that "something else" go now - seeing that it had its place to be there and roam, but now it need to dissolve. I would like to hear your thoughts on that topic, because right now I cannot estimate how much of a global or general issue it is... Thank you :)
Me Aug 29
I saw you and you knew that I saw you
Coming out
Into the sunlight
Your words directed
At me explaining why
You cannot [maybe] stay very long
So I
Probably decided
When you’d retreated back
Into the shade
I’d follow
With my guitar playing it
For you
And just for you and I would ask no one for permission
Because it was for you

Since then
We play together jumping
From sun spots into shady spaces
Back and forth
Both feet
On both sides
And this is
So much
How it’s
Supposed to be
Aug 29 · 34
Internal Band
Me Aug 29
I have in me
a musical band
of sun and shade
and in between
two kids
getting to know
each other
the strings of their guitar

Aug 28 · 49
The Red King
Me Aug 28
The crown on his head slightly
for not being
so used to it
his steps
steady but still
a bit shaky
the weight new to his body

and everything still
waiting for his
tender command
Me Aug 28
Carved into land into soil there run
Veins of steamy wagons
Noisy vehicles
And trains
Along the arteries
Flowers grow
inbetween it all
And You-

Through all the noise I hear
The beat
Of the heart
Of the Earth saying
I want
To feel
The naked soles
Of your feet walking
My skin again

You explain look-
Time changes...
Of course you
Both smile knowing
haha, does it
Fit your hand into hers
into his
Shake it off
Loose your thick cough and free
Your lungs from steam and dust
You did it
Many times before and will
This time
All the more free yourself and others:
A brother is who sees what is at stake
When needed
Aug 18 · 27
Me Aug 18
I'm the one washed
up on the shore
with pale eyes gazing
at everything for the first time
Aug 14 · 26
Egg Yolk
Me Aug 14
I have something within me that feels
so sacred
I don't dare
to fully touch it
though I want to
so much
Achhh ****!
Aug 13 · 277
Evolutionary Dance
Me Aug 13
Two flowers
one fuelled by
pain the other
by love
grow side by side
one day
a painful moan escapes
the crying blossom
and the other
reaches over
to spend comfort
propelling them
a great deal
for a bit
of this path
before they part again
to sense
their roots being
deep deep down
in the soil
sending little signals
tears on the petals
a code to remembering
Aug 13 · 41
Me Aug 13
Eyes filled with
such obvious
you do not have
to ask
for any
to be clarified
no official language
a conversation like this
No need really to teach any animal an invented sign language, I feel. There's communication going on always all the time, just you may or may not choose to realise :)
Aug 13 · 237
The Tale
Me Aug 13
I set out to built
a street
a shed
a house
then wanted
a palace
an island
a country
a landscape
a universe

You begin to be
a universe
with stars
with earth
with hearts beginning
to beat
to know you
Aug 13 · 42
Such Capacity
Me Aug 13
I am amazed by just how much
you are
able to put
a single sentence
regardless of
the words'
lexical meaning
Me Aug 13
I seem to
be satisfied which is
and there you ****, tilt your head, smile widely
in itself
a huge
to me

Aug 13 · 39
The Next Level
Me Aug 13
your eyes grasp
the scenery
with much of the fog now
the frame
substantially widened
Aug 12 · 25
The Dream Land
Me Aug 12
Somewhere in the prairie
A wolf howls
And it could be anywhere
But it taps you
Right on the shoulder
Time or
Aug 11 · 36
On the Back of my Neck
Me Aug 11
Tattooed onto
the back of my neck
A sign that I don’t
need to see
Just need it
to be there and seen
A sign
A signal
I’ll make music
Till they hear it

Aug 11 · 28
The Body of Water
Me Aug 11
You let yourself be touched in the gentlest of ways,
a feather caressing your skin from your fingertips up to your shoulder and on til your cheek, letting loose a sensation that reverberates
out from the center of your chest into your whole body
and out from it.
It makes you a lighthouse, an involuntary beam of unrepressed, most intimate joy.
A most honest feeling.
The water beneath your feet is crystal clear now,
truly reflecting icy blue and silver, not cold.
It brings almost as much joy to you as this caressing touch.
And you want to show it, point it out, share the knowledge of it, that is. You are eager.
And you don’t have to worry that you might not find your way  back.
And you already know why. You have mastered the water,
as it taught you how to, tirelessly and in so many ways.
Aug 9 · 23
Rose Line
Me Aug 9
It could be like this,
she says, disguising her pride by
raising one thin eyebrow
in what she hopes
is an eloquent manner
giving him the pains of
best as he can
the loving smile that wanted to pop onto his face
and beam, fully, at her;
It could be
just like this:
and he reads it

Already somewhere
in yet darker corners and still
slightly hidden
some are mumbling
about love returning
about something
rejuvenating yet
slightly painful
a stream of life blood
a stream
making it
for the first time
as it should be

A thunder growling in the distance
but it is not threatening

A beaming smile
now coming through
against all odds

A dashed blasted, beaming
most beautiful
Aug 9 · 45
Downcast Eyes
Me Aug 9
Slowly with
shy yet full-on determination
are directed
for sure
to face
and be faced
in the most beautiful of lights
Jul 22 · 37
Red Moon
Me Jul 22
White lines marking
her skin she
tilts her head
narrowed eyes
knowing alright
once more through it
with patience
and strength
moonlight keeping
her company
Jul 19 · 68
The Thing
Me Jul 19
Write it yourself, I say. Write it yourself like you write it into being with every single facet and fibre of it.
Write it like you know you are writing it.
A shape, form, emerges in front of your eyes,
your fingers are not still now, cannot be still
for they are at the same time describing and creating what you see with your own eyes.
They move, in constant motion because you are in constant motion, and you want it to be clear.
You are not running from it, but it is not easy.
It feels - it pulls at you rather strongly rather like this is the thing that is not very patient anymore not feeling like it makes sense to wait everything out - the thing that sent flashes of bliss into your fingers
in the first place, the thing that makes your very own chest sting and pound hard in turns, like a ship in the most childish of storms.
You do not dare to breath out fully, and when you do it sinks down right into your stomach and there feels
so much more profound and physical.
It stretches out into your hands and feet, your fingertips.
You do not look at your words because you are the one who’s already seen them before they came into being. You are not quite
daring to free the full power, the
spell of the word that lay under this thick layer, but you feel it fully, feel that already the word is out, uncovered, hovering - getting to know you better, getting to know your condition,
the multiple points of connection already apt and willing,
and the ones that still push - push away.
There is time.
There is time for sure. But the thing is as sentient as you are.
Jul 14 · 62
The Eye of it All
Me Jul 14
Peer over the edge,
dear, and look
right into the seething
of the volcano
it will not ever
really harm you
Jul 13 · 39
Me Jul 13
Force and matter holding
hands together wandering
through time and space
on traces
of stardust
Me Jul 13
In this bright yellow house
Cooking always is possible
Always takes place in a very relaxed and playful way
In this house
Nothing comes in which
The calm love on purpose
Only occasionally a fiery
Argument stirs
Inside it
In the yellow house
You are always
Always respected for who and what you are
In the yellow house your loved one
Is with you even if he goes to travel
For a bit
Even if she goes
To travel
The doors of this house are never closed
For those who like to come inside for honest reasons
Or just to share a simple cup
Of coffee on the front porch
This house knows
Neither age nor fashion
Does not swing with anything that forms
Under pressure
The windows of this house are
Always open
Even when closed at night
In this house you do not ever need
To doubt yourself since
Everything is made by yourself for yourself and others
You do not even need to leave
This house for work because now
The work comes to you
When ready
Because the house has such suitable bright rooms
Green leaves everywhere
That everything that belongs into it
Does fit perfectly
The yellow house does not really know
Clock time
Although it knows very well how to
Accommodate earthly rhythms and make
Things work playfully
The walls and facade of this house are always colourful
And change according to seasons and mood
This is a poem that is never finished
Just like the house
And so It shall be
Jul 12 · 36
Adjusting your Sari
Me Jul 12
Don't hide
your embarrassed
perfectionist side, dear
it is
by far
the cutest
Me Jul 12
They cower-
In a lions' den
Not knowing

You're in here

You write
the world
for them

With fire
Where to tread on
Jul 12 · 158
Me Jul 12
In the classroom

black and white are not really
you know

a clever child once
told me this-
they much rather
each others'
blissful specialness
all the million shades
in between
To this clever child who will always do well ❦
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