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 Apr 2018 Marium Iqbal
We're almost touching.
we were walking side by side,
you're talking about cabs in your hometown.
I can feel the gravity of your hand, calling my fingers
whispering "it's alright."

We're touching but not quite.
you held my shoulder to protect me from the passing cars.
and for the first time in a long while, I felt so fragile.
In this world where I find it hard even to breathe,
you believed me.

I almost said it.
All I need is one ounce of strength to tell you every single thing that I have ever felt about you.

I want to find home in your collarbones.
Would you be kind enough to let a stranger in?
I want to seep in your being because I'm cold.
The world is harsh and my cracks are aching.

Please don't ever become a stranger,
whose laugh I can recognize anywhere.
I have been gone a long time. Returning for a few hours, then disappearing again. I've been ghosting you guys for a while. A lot has been happening in my life. I won't go into the details, because I don't want this post to be too long. Leave it to say that we all have our cross to bear. I'm not going to make excuses, either. I didn't place enough value on this site, plain and simple. And in the process of doing that I neglected friends. For that I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me! I will really make an effort to give this site the attention it deserves... Respect my friends in the manner in which they are due. Can we press delete? Let me try to start all over again. I really do love you, my absence notwithstanding. And I wish nothing but blessings on you all!

♡ Cathy
It is when you find yourself forgiving the hands that crushed your heart.
tears *hide
on my pillow
and silence my screams
I don't look to  create
only seek to destroy
and I play with emotions
as if they were toys
but hey, not to worry
I won't hurt no one else
cos I found
a suitable victim,

 Oct 2016 Marium Iqbal
i remember your scent
it stained my favorite place to kiss on your neck,
and just behind your ear where you always nervously tucked your hair

i remember your flavor
the way your lips tasted like hope,
and the sweet tang of licking you off of my fingers

i remember your touch
how your palms where smooth like silk but your knuckles were hard and cracked,
and how our bodies felt when your bare skin rubbed against mine

i remember your sound
the way your morning voice resonated like you smoked two packs a day,
and how your moans were like the cries of angels

i remember the sight of you
how freckles were sprinkled across your cheeks,
and when your hair fell around your face and over your shoulders you looked a lioness

you awoke all five of my senses,
and you won't soon be forgotten
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