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Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso
M/Chile, San Antonio    " IN THE DANGER GROWS, WHICH ALSO SAVE US..." Tragediographer and Submythological Demiurge - Screenwriter, Novelist, Essayist, and Tragic Poet, Narrator-Storyteller Submythologist / Researcher
Arslan Baloch Arsal
29/M/Regina , Saskatchewan    Dunya ne tajarbat o hawadis ki shakal main Jo Kuch Mujhe Diya Hai woh lauta Raha Hoon main!
Dr Zik
M/Pakistan    Dr. Zik is the inventor of short poetic forms Ziket and Zinet. He is the author (of 4 books on, educationist, translator, poet, columnist, ...
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
Willy Shakysphere
M/Georgia, USA    I had never written anything before 1996. I died for 7 minutes, revived by an emergency medical team I awoke to not be quite the ...
Keith Edward Baucum
Hello fellow poets and artist My name is Keith Edward Baucum. I look forward to reading your poems and art. Literary art is an art ...
ny    just some thoughts
hazem al jaber
55/M/Jordan    welcome to my poem`s world it`s me and i write only what i feel i just write my feelings to breathe a new happiness with ...
41/M/LONDON, UK    Copyright © All Rights Reserved by ℐamil Hussain ✒ ⌨ ☛ ♫
i'm known to create art on occasion. lost and confused. is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
Texas    This is me... this is by me... this is for me... this is the real me.
21/F    chasing miracles in the dew this all we know?
Proxy in death
Aurora, colorado    Im a simple man. Some say im emo Some say im just depressed. All i know is... This world is my playground And this proxy ...
Jordan LC Murphy
M/London    Venting dragon 🐉 ...
Flames for a martyr
16/M/Broomfield, Colorado    Im Ethan. Im a single 15 year old guy I have no style I have no place I like poetry. Im just me.
Missouri, USA    "If you can't see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer"
Micahel De Tomasso
Lewisville, Texas    To begin. I'm the one with the white shirt, and my sunglasses hanging on my chest..I was born in Brooklyn, NY. Moved to California at ...
The Dedpoet
38/M/San Anto, Tejas    Fuk it. Get busy living, or get busy dying. Fucken A right.
Błeeding Dįamøndš
16/M/Denver, Colorado    Hi, I'm Zac Remraf. I am a 16 year old with a passion for poetry. `In addition to poetry, I also am pursuing a career ...
23/M/California    I only write good poems when I’m heartbroken.
East Africa   
28/F/USA    ✞I'm captivated by lonely souls, the moon and stars, and fairy tales turned into disasters. Everyone has a story to tell, this one is mine✞ ...
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