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Apr 2020 · 184
Maria Renata Apr 2020
I wish I couldn’t dream

I wish I could close my eyes and experience absolute nothing

beside darkness.
Dec 2018 · 615
Maria Renata Dec 2018
… And what if Einstein were right? If time is an Illusion, am I ever going to forget about you?…
Mar 2018 · 77
Maria Renata Mar 2018
It seems that you already knew
when you gave me the roses.
It seems that you already felt
when you cut from the rosebush.
Our love was like those roses that you gave me,
Already grown in the rosebush
is red passion
Delicate as our fights
if cut has expiration date.
Our love is like the roses you gave me,
At first fascination
when you least expect…
it dies.
Feb 2018 · 83
Forever and ever.
Maria Renata Feb 2018
i promised it would be forever,

and the scars on me will stay,

Feb 2018 · 99
Maria Renata Feb 2018
I saw blood

I felt sick,

Maybe because I was bleeding Inside.
Feb 2018 · 86
Maria Renata Feb 2018
You asked “what is art”.

Art is when we share silence and find peace.
Feb 2018 · 94
Maria Renata Feb 2018
You´re my light,

you brought meaning to the darkness that once lived inside of me.

— The End —