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James Marcro Dec 2017
Depression reigns
Sewers clog
In rolls that relentless fog
It’s hard to see, to feel, to think.
Smoke some more.. get a drink.

Depression reigns
I’m soaking wet,
My clothes feel tight,
Hair unkept
“Are you okay?”
“Have you slept?”

Are you okay—have you slept?
Questions ring,
I’ve slept alright, I could this instant
It doesn’t help
I stray,

More distant.

Depression reigns
My anger floods
Then quickly drains
Pulled the plug.

I swim towards normal, the quickest route
I’m swimming in, as the tides pull out.

Depression reigns
The waters rise,
No footing below
Close my eyes.

Depression reigns
James Marcro Nov 2015
Sometimes I feel as if my heart's not in place,
As if it's jumped from my chest straight up to my face
It starts out slow, crawling inch by inch
Up to my neck with a squeeze and a pinch
It squeezes my thoughts and brings tears to my eyes
But they will not fall, I cannot cry
Then I see your face and my heart stops it's climb
It's tight in my neck, no more are you mine
My muscles tense up as I turn my head right
And my heart moves again, this is not the end of the fight
It's now in my throat and my breathing's reversed
This ride must be over, my heart's bout' to burst
I miss you, I miss you, more than you know,
More than the sun shines, on untouched snow
More than the trees miss the summer glow
More than I wish I had so long ago,
And I walk away, I walk away slow
Like a man with no heart where yours should go
My Heart's still up in my throat sending beats through my soul
These beats fall loudly, a heart deafening stroll
They tell me things that I already know,
With you, Without you,
I will never be whole
James Marcro Dec 2013
Today I feel like today is not real,
As if my reality has flipped and now spins like a wheel
Up and down, sideways and backways
How long have I been here?
A minute? An hour? perhaps a few days?

This reality ***** like the thumb of a child
Looking for comfort, forever beguiled
It makes me feel lonely like a knot in a tree
So different from others, there's no one like me
I sit here in this third dimension
With a desperate need for attention
unsatisfied, unknown

Nobody sees things in the light that I see
My light shines bright, opening the lock with my key

I notice that I feel this reality quite often
Like holding a thousand pounds of ambition
With no courage to soften
Like a wrecking ball of abuse is strangling me like a noose
Like a straight jacket of hope is grabbing me by the throat!
Like a blaze full of sadness so viscous and angry!
This life feels like all that and more,
Pretty much

There's some feelings here that cannot be put into words
Ambiguous like art, quick fleeting like birds
They rush through my mind fast like a subway train
but they hurt no matter what, deep in my heart and my veins

This reality stinks, like a soldiers wet feet
full of post traumatic stress
my minds naked, undressed
I need hope, i need help, I need something to eat,
preferably a meal of woman's love,
gentle & sweet

I'll sit in my reality, waiting for something to come round'
Maybe just one smile, perhaps many! Leaping towards me in bounds!
Maybe a whole slew of "you can's" and "no need to frown"'s
Till then I still go backways and sideways, on my wheel of Up Downs
James Marcro Oct 2013
This moment is here,
this moment is gone
this life is sho...

gone as well,
not time to dwell
on what could of been

the ort of short the
ong of long
no moments for them,

In my moment song.

Goodbye for now,
far well, good ciao

see you soo..
Oh no, not now.

I'll see you in a moment
sometime not here
but far from now.
James Marcro Aug 2013
Sometimes I feel like I'm here, but not really.
My breath moves like last words,
slow, full of missing you dearly

I smile and wave at people, my life seems dynamic.
But inside my mind,
sh sh sh
Just white noise, static

I often look in the mirror and think is this me?
These Halloween eyes with cracked skin underneath?

I feel alone but not lost, I know where I am.
But if one is lost in his mind, what is life but a scam.
I Need help today, right now, real handy!

Because I feel like a Jack who's in need of his Sally,
Like jack my emptiness began to grow,
way before these hallowed eyes,
this skin, breached with holes.

It's been growing like fungus putting it's static in my ears
It's been hiding like a rat, only coming out in my tears.

I often wondered what this feeling is, and I now know.
the fog of my life is lifting and this feeling now shows

It's there and so clear, but it hurts still the same,
it's been buried for so long deep down under my veins,

It burns my veins cold and makes icicles of my bones
And there it is, the feeling:

"A longing that I've never known"
James Marcro Dec 2012
You see the struggles on their faces,
The love that got misplaced in
a place so deep and dark that not even a mole could find his way in.

The lives they used to live,
are in the devils sack
and there's no turning back from all the negatives that now stick they're face in

Into the deepest crack, of hearts dropped in cement
Stuck in the sidewalk
being walked on by the greedy and oh so ignorant

Sometimes you hear them wheeze
or maybe you just keep walking
or maybe you mistake the noise for a breeze, or just some dumb suit talking

Maybe you don't see the struggles on their faces
only the ones on t.v.
But one day that could be you, one day that could be me.
James Marcro Dec 2012
I step into the cold night
and watch my breath dance on the stars.
A brief polka on Venus, and a slow jig on Mars.
Cupping my paws to my face,
I feel the heat of the dance
Its all over my nose and weaves through my hands
I dance, oh i dance in the snow round' my feet
till my toes hit the grass and my feet feel the heat

the heat grows and the dance speeds
not just a little, but in bounds
in bounds it proceeds!
My veins stop their flow
just to witness this show and this
makes my heart throb little to, and little fro.

I keep dancing you see, though the night
through the streets.
With my breath in the stars and the blocks
on repeat.

the dance rages in my brain,
it's a party it's insane.
I begin to lose my mind, engulfed in the dance
and all of a sudden I'm at her door,
this can't be by chance.

Then the dance stops and my feet hold their ground
I'm alone in the night, left and right.
There's no one around.
Just me and my breath, which is staggered and small
I laugh a nervous laugh, it sounds more like a bawl
What am i doing?!
I see my hand raise to chest height,
and i hear the dancing again
boom, bing, pow! into the night

I knock three times, matching the bump bump of my heart
and this dance of life proceeds to slowly rip me apart.
I turn around to take one last look at the night
it's beautiful it's wonderful it's an eye's delight
It's a dance in the sky, so vivid and starry
Then the door opens up,
and my minds blank

"I'm sorry"
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