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James Marcro Oct 2012
I walk outside to see the trees and the leaves
To smell the creek, and let time leak
To look up at the sky and ask him "why?",
But he just stares down at me and begins to cry
His tears walk down my head and enter my eyes
And I struggle to look around at this world I despise

My mind is Ice frozen straight to it's core
And my body shudders, It can't do this no more
I cannot go on as if it's alright
As if there is some sort of bright light in this night
As if all this merciless Hate is alright
It's not alright in fact it's too much
People hating people, using hate as a crutch
Muslim, Jew, *** and *******
These things, these stupid things they belong in the garbage

Tell me when, tell me where did these times disappear
Where all it took was a mere smile for cheer
Now our smiles are absent and our flat screens prevail
We have unknowingly convicted our souls straight to jail
And we have so little Time to laugh and love with each other
It's about time we stop ******* and embrace neighbor as brother
We should all love one another as the cliche implies
Because a life lived in Hate is a life built on lies

I feel my body stir as If i was sleeping
Then I crack open my eyes and notice I'm weeping
The world is a blur, the trees and the grass
But my mind is ready to be molded
Like fire-touched glass
I don't know why I left indoors today of all days
To go outside and cry in the rain
But I walk in and and sit down, to slow my mind for a while
Then I close my wet eyes and begin to just smile.
James Marcro Feb 2012
I live life on the edge
On the edge of defeat
On the edge of deceit
On the edge of my seat
Will i fall?
skip a beat
feel the heat
live in the street
Will i rise?
become the best
need no rest
beat this test
Or will i embrace?
this pace
this endless race
this colorless taste

These questions are like fire
they light you up
they bring you higher

But maybe we should stand still
take in our fill, not climb this hill
just enjoy the time,
fulfill this rhyme,
live now, not later
nor up or down,
but straighter
James Marcro Feb 2012
I walk with a limp, in my knees and my heart
My footprints are staggered
My heart beats, apart
There are holes in my shoes, and gaps in my chest
Where blood leaks out, and Happiness can digress
My body's in ruins, and my mind if offset
Somebody help, I'm getting upset
My toenails are curled, and my eyes blink slow
I feel like starvation , is this the end of my show?
Now there's tears on my feet, from the holes in my heart
And all I can feel is the why, why now? Why in this dark?
This dark is real, as the pain I feel
But my options are scarce, and now there's holes in my heels
I'm alone in the dark, as alone as can be
With holes in my heart, which now looks like swiss cheese
My shoes are no more, the laces untied,
I now desperately wish, that I could of just died.
But I'll keep moving on with a limp and my holes
Looking for someone to heal my soul.
See life is difficult when people are apart,
Which is why I walk with a limp,
In my knees and my heart.
James Marcro Feb 2012
It's all gone,
It was just there standing alone
but now there is an absence at it's thrown
It's all gone
It was a massacre, a holocaust
Dark and tall it once stood green
But it stands no more, short and lean
Its all gone
Salty sweat falls off my face
As I realize I've destroyed a whole living race
It's all gone
What will i do now?
the deed is done, I've worked the plow
It's all gone
Who would of thought this day would come
When this horrid task would have to be done,
It's was all gone, just as the day dawned
No task is as malicious
As mowing the lawn

— The End —