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 Nov 2015 James Marcro
Kiss me hard before you go
Let me feel your electric aura
Touch the chaos that encompasses your mind
Give me one last glimpse of the fire in your eyes
One last chance to learn to feel alive
Inspired by "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey. The first line is hers.
Do you remember when we used to sit with each other?
I do.
We'd sit in silence and look at the meadow before us,
Only allowing the rustles of trees and whispers of wind speak for us.
Do you remember when we used to hold hands?
I do.
The safety of the world was lock between those sweet little fingers,
Each one sweatier than the next,
But never letting me let go in case a bear came to eat me.
Do you remember when we used to watch tele together?
I do.
We'd sit in the living room for hours,
Giggling at Courage the Cowardly Dog, or Ah! Real Monsters,
Or playing reruns of Top Gear until they began to repeat in the marathon.
Do you remember when we used to speak to one another?
I do.
I used to look up to you as my hero,
The one I always aspired to be like
Until I found out you were human like the rest of us.
Do you remember the last time we said goodbye?
I do.
We argued about the luggage in the trunk
Until you stormed off and I drove myself away,
Never to see your hazel eyes again.

I wish I could've said goodbye one last time.
Once more before you let the rustles of trees and whispers of the wind
Take you off forever.
I know a place
Where the sun shines
Birds chirp
And everyone is happy

But that's all gone now
Grey storm clouds fill the sky
There are no birds left singing
I know that place existed
Because that place is my childhood
Breaking free, cunning ruse
Established to free us from the truth
Can we see? Or is sight blind?
Will we forgo what is left behind?
Can one go back? Can it be undone?
If we're scared can we turn and run?
Which is our reality?
Fighting figment fantasy?
Is it cold and dull and stark?
Til death do leave his mark
Or is it bright, colorful, and pure
Derived by thoughts
The wills of the strong
Control our fate
Sing your swan song
When the end is near
We could be free
When truth stands alone
For once, it might be easy.
The walls
Talking to me.
I sit
And stare
At the chipped
White paint
And listen to
Them remind me
Of better days.
The walls
Screaming at me.
And I want
To yell back.
But what would
It accomplish?
 Nov 2015 James Marcro
The first time you told me you loved me, you were looking down at the counsel. You couldn't look up and it sounded more like an apology than anything else. You couldn't look at me at all, maybe it was because you knew you wouldn't be able to hold on to me for too long and you were sorry you had fallen in the first place. Maybe you couldn't look at me because you never wanted to fall, you tripped. We were both slammed into the pavement from falling so hard and everyone around you was screaming for you to get up. They told you that I would leave you there in a puddle of your own blood when I got what I wanted. But what nobody knew was that I didn't mean any harm. I still had a warm beating heart. That is until I watched you take her hand as she reached down to help you up and you left me to bleed out on the cold lifeless pavement.
 Nov 2015 James Marcro
a ribbon of fire
a curl of lace
and your eyes swimming
in the fishbowl
of my heart
I'm scared of this word.
It hurts to go unsaid.
But means too much to whisper.
I say it everyday.
Yet never have I once heard it in its purist form.
       I say it as an apology.
       I say it as a compliment.
       I say it as revenge.
But never have I once said it to someone meaning more.
It doesn't sound right in my voice, no more than in a casual tone.
But I want you to whisper it from the top of the world.
      To every one we don't know.
Even if I'm too afraid to say it back.
 Nov 2015 James Marcro
Finn Poole
It's like there's music playing in my ear, but the music is impossible,
Impossible to hear.
It makes a movement quietly,
And something moves inside of me,
And I'm free to see the sonority
Written with my darling izzie
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