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Dec 2012
I step into the cold night
and watch my breath dance on the stars.
A brief polka on Venus, and a slow jig on Mars.
Cupping my paws to my face,
I feel the heat of the dance
Its all over my nose and weaves through my hands
I dance, oh i dance in the snow round' my feet
till my toes hit the grass and my feet feel the heat

the heat grows and the dance speeds
not just a little, but in bounds
in bounds it proceeds!
My veins stop their flow
just to witness this show and this
makes my heart throb little to, and little fro.

I keep dancing you see, though the night
through the streets.
With my breath in the stars and the blocks
on repeat.

the dance rages in my brain,
it's a party it's insane.
I begin to lose my mind, engulfed in the dance
and all of a sudden I'm at her door,
this can't be by chance.

Then the dance stops and my feet hold their ground
I'm alone in the night, left and right.
There's no one around.
Just me and my breath, which is staggered and small
I laugh a nervous laugh, it sounds more like a bawl
What am i doing?!
I see my hand raise to chest height,
and i hear the dancing again
boom, bing, pow! into the night

I knock three times, matching the bump bump of my heart
and this dance of life proceeds to slowly rip me apart.
I turn around to take one last look at the night
it's beautiful it's wonderful it's an eye's delight
It's a dance in the sky, so vivid and starry
Then the door opens up,
and my minds blank

"I'm sorry"
James Marcro
Written by
James Marcro  Right here
(Right here)   
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