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Nov 2015
Sometimes I feel as if my heart's not in place,
As if it's jumped from my chest straight up to my face
It starts out slow, crawling inch by inch
Up to my neck with a squeeze and a pinch
It squeezes my thoughts and brings tears to my eyes
But they will not fall, I cannot cry
Then I see your face and my heart stops it's climb
It's tight in my neck, no more are you mine
My muscles tense up as I turn my head right
And my heart moves again, this is not the end of the fight
It's now in my throat and my breathing's reversed
This ride must be over, my heart's bout' to burst
I miss you, I miss you, more than you know,
More than the sun shines, on untouched snow
More than the trees miss the summer glow
More than I wish I had so long ago,
And I walk away, I walk away slow
Like a man with no heart where yours should go
My Heart's still up in my throat sending beats through my soul
These beats fall loudly, a heart deafening stroll
They tell me things that I already know,
With you, Without you,
I will never be whole
James Marcro
Written by
James Marcro  Right here
(Right here)   
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