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Dec 2012
You see the struggles on their faces,
The love that got misplaced in
a place so deep and dark that not even a mole could find his way in.

The lives they used to live,
are in the devils sack
and there's no turning back from all the negatives that now stick they're face in

Into the deepest crack, of hearts dropped in cement
Stuck in the sidewalk
being walked on by the greedy and oh so ignorant

Sometimes you hear them wheeze
or maybe you just keep walking
or maybe you mistake the noise for a breeze, or just some dumb suit talking

Maybe you don't see the struggles on their faces
only the ones on t.v.
But one day that could be you, one day that could be me.
James Marcro
Written by
James Marcro  Right here
(Right here)   
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