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Hannah Vogt
OKC, OK   
Caroline Stradley
Caroline. 18. Introvert. Lover of cats. Musician. I write for myself before anyone else. I write to make sense of what happens in my head. ...
Chicago, IL    I breathe fire out of lipsticked teeth and reflect prism filled sunbeams.
Amber Cashew
Long Beach, CA   
F    Literature is my life.
Jenn Schwartz
Long Island, NY    I'm 22 and I love being outdoors and I love writing. I may not be that good but it's something I love doing. I love ...
La Chrymal
i'm never good with biographies
Sean Dunne
New York    i like to write shitty poems because i dont know how to stop whining about my life
hyped senses, living to learn, learning to live
Taylor Lane
C E Harrington
Ohio    I'm Colleen. You were created to be victorious.
Jannies Serofia
much more
Rivers Kay
North Carolina    Just when the Caterpillar thought it was over she became a beautiful butterfly.
Manila, Philippines    "No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." - C.G. Jung
Loving...and hating life. Opening up to help relief the stress. Very happy with my experiences. Exposing the teenage girl within all of us. Losing every ...
20/F/Lost    paper understands me better than people do.
Emma Dagher
Full-time Marketing Consultant from India.
Just a hobby. My stuff is generally written at 3:00am when im over tired. Enjoy.
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