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Malebogo Gopetse Aug 2016
I thought ...

But now I know
And it's crystal clear,
Thoughts are all they'll ever be.
A millon things running on my mind. Plans to share it with anyone? No. Some words are better off left unsaid.
  Aug 2016 Malebogo Gopetse
Samm Marie
Yessiree I did I did
My fingers pressed the buttons
My throat became sandpaper
My stomach felt
That Palmer Lake queasy
Because I'm strong sometimes too
  Aug 2016 Malebogo Gopetse
Samm Marie
I have given you everything
All my time
My thoughts
My words
My heart
And you aren't even there
I'm ready to ******* shoot up
Some ****** tennis court
Not that I ever would
It is unacceptable for you to do this to me
Because despite what I've
Showcased in the past
I am far different than I once was
When you first met me
You have to understand
I will not be spending
Three ******* months chasing
Your cheating loser ***
Because as much as I have
And still do
Love you
I will not be that girl again
So darling,
It's time to ******* man up
Because you're really ******* me off
When everything is bad,
Give em hell
*make it worse
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