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Lindsey Graham Aug 2019
I am a bottomless ocean
Keep digging in
See what uncharted breadths I hold
I’m a new species of lonely
A new species of tired
I’m a new species of run down

I’m a brand new car with 300,000 miles on it
A newborn child that doesn’t scream when it cries
A kitten that doesn’t play with string

I’m a pretty broken thing
Lindsey Graham Aug 2019
I guess the best way to describe what I’m feeling is I’m in a crowd and we are all running but I keep falling down they step right over me panicked I’m panicking I feel their weight I can’t get up Im up I’m up I’m running again I’m getting away then I get shoved and ****** im back on the ground and it hurts worse every time it’s harder to get back up every time dejected when I fall and weaker when I get up

I wonder when I will finally just stay down
Give up the fight
Close my eyes
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
My feelings have been bottled up for years
My mind is heavy with thoughts
Stretching back so far I have no memories,
Just feelings and moments

When I drink they crowd around
And whisper the darkest things
I wonder if what they say is true

I eat and eat and eat
Till my stomach distends
And when I burp I feel the pressure
Feeling so full
Is the only thing that makes me feel...full
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
I feel the night take a different taste
The kind that only happens when it’s late
I lick my teeth, and swallow it down,
Letting danger curve my lips
And sink into the swing of my hips
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
Take me into your bed
Let me burn my kisses
Down your neck
and down your chest

I don’t want you to be able to touch your own hips without shivering and remembering how it felt when I felt them
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
I am a butterfly caught in the rain
A child who swam too far away
I am running with no escape
Lindsey Graham Mar 2019
wine, cigarettes, and sin
What I wouldn’t give for a taste of that
Of you
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