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Jul 3 · 27
To Run Away
I want to run away
Back into the seventh grade
I want to lay my head on my mothers lap
And feel her comb her fingers through my hair

I want to go there
To that moment we became friends
That bond we thought could never end
Our youth spent on wanting to grow up

I want to feel complete again
I fear that was the last time I ever did
Time is my worst enemy
I cannot seem to stop it
From forgetting to pick me up,
And move me along with it.
Mar 1 · 135
Play With My Hair
I’m so starved for conversation
For a friend
I just really want a friend
I just need one
Just somebody who likes to be around me
And we can talk for hours or sit in silence
And still have fun
We could gossip and do each other’s makeup
And I could let them cry on my shoulder
And I could cry on theirs
And they would listen, really listen to me
And understand me

I am alone
I have no friends
Not even one
Nobody likes to be around me,
Or talk to me or even be in the same room as me.
I’m no fun.
I can’t gossip because I have no friends
And my shoulder is hard to cry on
And I cry too much for theirs
My problems are minuscule,
Nobody could empathize with me.
Feb 21 · 55
Left Alone
I am sitting alone in my bedroom.
I just got off work.
My boyfriend is still gone.
Nobody is home.
In this infinitely finite pocket of time,
It almost feels as if I do not exist.

The bedroom door is closed,
I picture space and nothingness beyond it.
It surrounds my room,
It creeps in my head.
This cage of loneliness does not leave.

I know right now,
Nobody is thinking of me.
Nobody is wishing they were next to me.
If I were to just disappear,
Nobody would notice.
That is freeing, and terrifying.

Consciousness is a cage
I do not wish to live in anymore
Feb 16 · 53
Ugly Thoughts at 2am
I feel so lonely even when you have your arms around me
I hold myself much worse than you do
But I like the former more than the latter
I guess I’m destined to die alone
Without you I don’t even have any friends
I’d have to move alone.

Isn’t the whole point of love to be less lonely?
How come I still feel alone?
How come I don’t like it when you hold me?
I don’t want you to **** me.
I don’t want you to make love to me.
I don’t want you.

But I know if I don’t stay with you I will die alone.
Can I turn my back on you?
Over not feeling fulfilled?
I don’t know if I can live a lie anymore.
God help me.
I’m going to either die alone,
Or die feeling alone.
I don’t know which one is worse.
Feb 6 · 49
You Love Me
So this is it, then.
This is how you love me?
With your back turned away.
With your arms holding yourself.
This is how you love me.
With your eyes never leaving your phone screen.
Your hands never reaching for mine.
You don’t find me in the dark.
Help me, I’m stuck in it without you.
My lips long to be kissed.
My body longs to be held.
My voice longs to be heard.
Don’t you want to make me laugh?
Don’t you want to sing and dance with me?
Why is having fun with you no fun at all?
Oct 2019 · 64
Lindsey Graham Oct 2019
Can’t catch a break or my breath
I’m going to die from all this stress
Lindsey Graham Aug 2019
You’re all sharp teeth and jagged edges
Every time we touch it’s electric
Slowly taking bites from my hips to my lungs.
Break my ribs open
There’s my heart next to my shattered sternum
When you pull away my breathing is ragged
Lick the blood off your bottom lip.
Kiss me with it.
Aug 2019 · 52
Endless Metaphors
Lindsey Graham Aug 2019
I am a bottomless ocean
Keep digging in
See what uncharted breadths I hold
I’m a new species of lonely
A new species of tired
I’m a new species of run down

I’m a brand new car with 300,000 miles on it
A newborn child that doesn’t scream when it cries
A kitten that doesn’t play with string

I’m a pretty broken thing
Aug 2019 · 55
Lindsey Graham Aug 2019
I guess the best way to describe what I’m feeling is I’m in a crowd and we are all running but I keep falling down they step right over me panicked I’m panicking I feel their weight I can’t get up Im up I’m up I’m running again I’m getting away then I get shoved and ****** im back on the ground and it hurts worse every time it’s harder to get back up every time dejected when I fall and weaker when I get up

I wonder when I will finally just stay down
Give up the fight
Close my eyes
Apr 2019 · 82
Binge Cycle Only
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
My feelings have been bottled up for years
My mind is heavy with thoughts
Stretching back so far I have no memories,
Just feelings and moments

When I drink they crowd around
And whisper the darkest things
I wonder if what they say is true

I eat and eat and eat
Till my stomach distends
And when I burp I feel the pressure
Feeling so full
Is the only thing that makes me feel...full
Apr 2019 · 79
1am afterthoughts
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
I feel the night take a different taste
The kind that only happens when it’s late
I lick my teeth, and swallow it down,
Letting danger curve my lips
And sink into the swing of my hips
Apr 2019 · 246
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
Take me into your bed
Let me burn my kisses
Down your neck
and down your chest

I don’t want you to be able to touch your own hips without shivering and remembering how it felt when I felt them
Apr 2019 · 65
The Lion and the Gazelle
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
I am a butterfly caught in the rain
A child who swam too far away
I am running with no escape
Mar 2019 · 135
Lindsey Graham Mar 2019
wine, cigarettes, and sin
What I wouldn’t give for a taste of that
Of you
Mar 2019 · 143
Lindsey Graham Mar 2019
I see you’re still doing ******,
I hope when you pick at your face
You’re still just “having fun”
I hope that when the doctor told you
You have *** from sharing needles
You laughed it off and didn’t cry
I hope that when you look in the mirror
And come face to face with
What you have become
You can smile triumphantly and say
“Wow I sure showed her”

The track marks run all over your body
Places I used to touch for hours,
Your hands and wrists and arms and thighs
Seeing you like this
Makes me want to cry

Seeing something I loved
Become so broken
Lindsey Graham Mar 2019
I love you
And I think you’re **** as hell
Tell me how I can fix this,
How to make you laugh like you used to.

I’m sorry that I’m so broken
I had to break you, too
I Carved your scars out to match mine
So I know the tears you cry
Taste just like mine
So I know your wounds won’t heal with time.

Am I making you think you’re nothing,
Like how I think I’m nothing?

Ive already hit rock bottom
Watch me drag you down here with me
We can sit in the dark
And try to make sparks
Then fall asleep cold
And do it all over again
Oct 2018 · 104
Confessions at 11pm
Lindsey Graham Oct 2018
I don’t like to smoke cigarettes
I don’t like to work at McDonalds
Even if I am the assistant manager
Even if I’m upper management
Even if I’m the third in charge of the whole store

I don’t like to smoke cigarettes
They make me feel sick
I guess I wanted to punish myself
But now I’m addicted and I hate it
The taste of it the smell of it

I don’t like my responsibilities
Somebody come take me away from this place

Sometimes I don’t like my relationship
It makes me feel like I’m done with adventure
Because I’ve settled down with somebody
Who isn’t adventurous at all
Who doesn’t **** me like I want
Who doesn’t hold me like I want
I want I want I want
I want
I want
to the FULLEST

Yet I live in Wasilla Alaska
Drive a Saturn
Own two cats
And a tired boy.
Aug 2018 · 103
Imperfections Become Us
Lindsey Graham Aug 2018
I wonder if stars worry they’re not bright enough
If even the sun with its life giving light
Feels dim sometimes in comparison to the others.
I wonder if we are all stars,
Beautiful to other people but unknowing in ourselves.
I know that even when my light dies out and I implode into a black hole,
It will take years for people to notice I’m a burned out nothing, floating in nothing.
Jun 2018 · 120
Lindsey Graham Jun 2018
When will I be good enough
And not too much?

Will I ever be content
With this life I’ve built
With these strangers I
Call friends that surround me

I look in the mirror
Nothing seems to look familiar
Even my eyes have lost their life

They say don’t drink on an empty stomach
I think I will just so I can finally throw up
May 2018 · 132
Lindsey Graham May 2018
Maybe he doesn’t want to
Make love to me
**** me
Hold me kiss me
Be with me

Because I’m simply too fat
It hangs from my arms and chin
My fat weighs down every step
I take making the whole earth
Shake and shudder,

I’m tired of people saying
“You carry your weight well”

I’m tired of people saying
“She was prettier 2 years ago”

I’m tired of my boyfriend saying
“Not tonight, I’m tired”
Every night

Maybe the world would love me
If I lost 50 pounds,

Maybe I would love me
If I lost 50 pounds.

And maybe,
Just maybe,
I could breathe,
If I got all this weight off of me.
Jan 2018 · 287
When I Think Of You
Lindsey Graham Jan 2018
He was loved by pastors
And drug addicts on the sidewalks
He was loved by his parents
And all his ex girlfriends,
He was loved by Jesus
And he was loved by ****** too.

His mother worries
Satan wanted him in hell
Just as much as God wanted
Him in heaven.

I wonder what his funeral
Looked like
I wonder what irony God had placed
Inside his heart that day.
Battle drug addiction for two, three, five years.
Get clean.
Then get run over by your own snowmachine.

Let your friend find it idling on top of you.
Let your mother cry over you
Because she’s saying “he will be loved, he will be missed.”
But she’s loved him and missed him for years.

I think of you every now and then,
How it felt to kiss you
And how it felt to be near you.
I think of how you’d message me
Out of the blue, and how you’d always say
“You were my first love, Lindsey.”
Hell, most of my first poems written on here
Are about how much I loved you.

And now I’ll never know.
Now I’ll never get to say anything to you
Ever again.

Sometimes when I think of you it’s almost like a buzz going on in my pocket.
Like you’re messaging me late
And asking how I’m doing.

I’m doing fine, Jacob, I’m doing just fine.
Dec 2017 · 246
Everybody I Grew Up With
Lindsey Graham Dec 2017
My friends aren't supposed to
Look like
Hollowed out
Sallow yellow
***** teeth.

Heating up their medicine
Inside a metal spoon
Stick it in,
Just to get that feeling soon.

Wasting time,
Wasted on the floor,
Nodding off,
Giggling galore.

Jumpy eyes
And uneasy smiles
"Lindsey don't you
Want to stay awhile?"

But they've already left,
Off to their next fix,
Too bad they've amounted
To Alaska's Valley hicks.
Sep 2017 · 306
A Beautiful Creature
Lindsey Graham Sep 2017
I want to be a beautiful creature,
Whose eyes sparkle and whose smile
Makes others smile.
I want to be a poet, a writer, a
Down to earth artist that isn't ******.
I want to be beautiful.
I want to enjoy drinking coffee and tea,
I want to smoke my cigarettes and make
People think, "**** I want to kiss that mouth."
I want my soul to be open
And each hand that cradles it, or
Flips through its pages,
Feel the thickness in its papers
And the weight of its words.

I want photographers to take pictures
Of my hands and the way I stand,
Look at them over and over again,
Plaster them against their walls
And grin when they see them.

But do you know what I really want?
Even if the world hates the way I talk,
Hates the way I laugh, walk, and exist,
I want you to love all of these things about me.

I want you to think that I'm a good writer
With a good soul.
I want you to take pictures of me because
Even though we are together forever-
You just need to capture this moment forever too.
I want you to hold my soul in your hands
And plant kisses upon the dog eared pagers.
I want you to bring flowers to my work, yes,
And I want you to love me like today is our last.

You carry my heart and soul around in your back pocket, sit on it and only take it out and unfold it and read its contents when you're bored.
You hate poetry, you hate my poetry,
And you hate the way I love it.
You never take pictures of me
Because you don't think I am beautiful enough
To be captured in these moments together.

So the whole world hates me and you don't mind me.

I pretend not to mind me either.
He cannot see I'm dying inside
Sep 2017 · 386
Lindsey Graham Sep 2017
He doesn't like books,
Poetry or art.
He doesn't express himself.
He doesn't wake up in the middle of the night to wrap his arms around me.
He's working, and going to college on top of that too.
He hates going out, he hates smoking **** and drinking too much and he hates doing stupid things that kiss danger but they don't marry it.

He's always tired.

He's asleep right now. And I'm wide awake. He sweats in his sleep.
I can't read him my poetry, even though this is the only way I know how to get these feelings out. He doesn't like it.

I cried last morning and he didn't even notice.

If I cut myself, would he? And if it made him upset, would he show it? Would he care?
Aug 2017 · 430
Something To Call My Own
Lindsey Graham Aug 2017
Two years ago I wrapped my arms
Around my body and
Sang myself to sleep,
When I woke
I woke up to chilly
Air and an empty bed,
No matter the time of year.
Wherever I went, silence followed.
Showers sounded like quiet rain
In the forest,
Eating sounded like an upset dinner table.

Then came you.

Now we sleep sprawled out together
On my full bed and when I wake up
My arms reach for you,
In the morning it sounds like
Laughter and water splashing
And me rinsing your back off.
It sounds like sizzling bacon and
Scrambled eggs. Coffee and orange juice.

Our bedroom always smells like ***
And our cars smell like cigarettes.
Your college notebooks clutter up the
Chairless dining table,
Because we are still too broke to buy chairs.

At night our neighbors hear my voice
Reading to him all the books I think
Are worth reading.

They hear laughter, giggles and *******.

They hear the beginning of a family.
Thank you.
May 2017 · 365
Not For Me
Lindsey Graham May 2017
Everybody seems so in love
And so connected to everything

I know plenty of love, and no amount
Of possible fairy tale endings will erase
What its done to me.

I will break.
I promise you that right now.
And all my jagged broken pieces
Will cut the palms of your hands
If you try to pick them up.

So don't bother, just sweep
Me up into a dustpan and walk away.

Im so good at fooling others
I end up fooling myself.
Love will never be for me.
May 2017 · 939
A Letter To You
Lindsey Graham May 2017
Are you in love with your depression?

Because I sure am with mine. My life
Is a sunny day and ice water right now.
Yet I still see clouds touching the mountains.

I wonder what brought me to jump at every crack
On the sidewalk.

So I trace my steps back and reopen every healed scar along the way,
And laugh at the lies I told myself about life being okay.

I wonder how I got here, laying next to a 6'4" beautiful giant who is in love with me,

And I wonder if I love him for him or if I love him for loving me.

I can't ruin it this time.
Don't stay up past 1 am all alone, heart. You tend to wander.
Feb 2017 · 371
Lindsey Graham Feb 2017
Take my hand and hold it dearly,
Baby you take my breath away.
Take every last kiss I have left to give,
I want my lips imprinted on your skin.

Take my left ring finger,
Baby take my last name away because I want yours.
Take every last laugh out of my lungs,
I want my happiness to be yours.

Take the heat from inbetween my legs,
Baby take every moan from my mouth
And leave it sighing in your ears.
I want my pleasure wrapped around you.

Take my years, let them slip by with new memories of you,
Baby let's take our love and make a family.
I want you to take me and let me make this a family.

Take me, let's make a family.

Take me, let's make a family.

Take me, I'll give you a family.

Take me, baby, I'll give.
Jan 2017 · 222
Lindsey Graham Jan 2017
How do I keep the ugly feelings inside from coming outside and being okay with it deep down Im not. The ugly isn't dissipating its growing and I can't stop it anymore

Am I really that mean
Do I really have that much hate in my heart
Dec 2016 · 300
Lindsey Graham Dec 2016
I want to
Take you
My bed.

In the morning I'll leave you
In between the sheets,
A mess of short hair and
Sticky thighs.
Soft sighs.

Your back, broad
And wounded.
You take a shower alone.
You wince under its spray.

You never got my name.
Only heard me whisper yours.
Look for something in my drawers,
In my cabinets.
Find nothing.

Scrawl your number on a piece of paper.

Leave with the hope of me calling you back.

Know, that once you shut that door,
You'll never see or hear of me again.
Oct 2016 · 417
Lindsey Graham Oct 2016
Your arm is draped around me.
Your soft snores. Your head is on my shoulder.
You are starting to sweat because you sweat in your sleep.
All you have on is a t shirt and socks.
No boxers.
Its 8:35 am and my world has never been as perfect as this. Sunlight creeps through my window.
You're 6'4 and roughly 215 lbs,
But all I see is a sweet little boy.
Your gauges are 5/8" and black.
You wear vans, black craft cult, and zumiez only.
You have thick brows over green eyes.
Dark hair.

I love your hands, long slender fingers that seem to be twice my size.

I love your legs, long ropey and strong. And hairy.

I love your lips and the way they pucker out when you're asleep and I love ever single one of your teeth.

I love your morning breath and the way you wake up.

I love your choppy, ragged breaths when you're inside me.

I love your nervousness, even though I hate it.

I love you.
Oct 2016 · 286
Lindsey Graham Oct 2016
Sneaky obsessed *******-
If you don't like what I write
Get the ******* of it!
I only told you about this place
Cause I trusted you,
Cause I thought I loved you.

Don't you turn the words Im feeling
Into some kinda crime.
Don't get offended- its not meant for your eyes.

Its meant for mine.
Aug 2016 · 583
Worth My Life
Lindsey Graham Aug 2016
You are worth it to me.
I'd trade all the stars
And the sun for you,
I'll walk in the moons
Pale light to see your pale face.

I'd trade every cigarette
I've ever smoked or I'll ever smoke,
I'll breathe in your
Intoxicating scent instead.

I'd trade all my first kisses,
All my hugs and first loves.
I'll pour my young love
And my old love into your pores.

I'd trade every laugh I've ever heard,
Every delighted giggle
Just to hear you laugh
Every time I'm nearby.

I'd die for you, yes and,
I'd live for you and die with you.
Jul 2016 · 415
Drink Me Sober
Lindsey Graham Jul 2016
You're such a different breed,
Than any man I thought I could need.

Oh baby,
        You're the one for me.
Jul 2016 · 370
I love you.
Lindsey Graham Jul 2016
I look into your eyes-
I feel it.
I feel it when we kiss.
When you hold me.
When you touch me.
I feel it when you laugh
I feel it watching you **** down
Cigarettes like you're looking for
Lung cancer.
So I'll kiss you back
And hold your hand
And caress your face softly.
I'll make you laugh just to hear it-
I'll kiss the smoke off your lips
And exhale it into the night air.

Because I love you.
I love you.

I haven't been able to say it,
It gets caught in my throat.
It scratched my tongue till
I cough it out when you're not around.
Lindsey Graham Jul 2016
Kiss me till my lips are swollen.
Hold my hand just a little too tight.
When you grab my hair, yank it
And when you kiss my neck, bite it.

I don't know how to love
Without pain anymore.
Jul 2016 · 409
Is this Depression?
Lindsey Graham Jul 2016
I feel my brain has disconnected from my body.
Every scentence I say, I regret. I am my

I'm watching my life through
A window, my fingers balled up
Against the glass as I watch
Minuted hours and days pass.

I wish I could slip back into my
Body, but my hands feel like
I'm wearing gloves all the time.

Is this depression?

I sleep for 13 hours straight
Then don't sleep for almost 24.
My body is lost without my mind.

Is this depression?

I **** down cigarettes
Every **** day.
I hardly eat.
I can't remember my last meal.

Is this depression?

I cut myself to see if I could feel it.
I cannot feel it.
But its summer, and its ugly.
I don't like the way it heals.
I just like the way it bleeds.

Is this depression?
Jul 2016 · 564
Dark Paradise
Lindsey Graham Jul 2016
I dream of you every day.
I wish I was with you all the time.
I sleep, hoping you'll come to wake me.
So that I'll never wake up.

I want to hold your hands
And kiss your cold, numb lips.
I want to fall with you
Into the nothingness.

Oh, Death.
I wish you would come
Take me away from this place.

I have a baggie of sleeping pills.
I slept for 12 hours straight on them.
But when I wake,
I awaken to my life.
And sigh because I don't
Want to live it.
Jul 2016 · 287
Wait Don't Hate
Lindsey Graham Jul 2016
Good things come to those who wait.
I am waiting.
Good things come to those who wait.
I am waiting for you.
Good things come to those who wait.
I will always be waiting for you.
Good things to come to those who wait.
I will wait for you to realize what you want.
Good things come,
To those who
Jun 2016 · 932
Behind These Baby Blues
Lindsey Graham Jun 2016
He's got soft blue eyes,
A sweet shy smile.
He has blond hair
And strong hands.
Tan skin.

He's got a built back
And big feet.
He has nice teeth.
He wears Calvin Klein
And owns 30 acres.

But something is off in
His picture.

Pull up his sleeve,
On his left arm.
Don't turn it over,
Look at the top.

Elbow down, scars
Racing back and forth
Dark and white
Thick and thin.

Look at his lips.
There's constantly a joint
In between them.
Or a cigarette.
Or a bottle.

My tweaker days ..
He calls it.
He's tried **** ****** and
Coke, he's the *******
Holy Trinity.

But he holds me so sweet
I smile into his kiss
And don't complain
One bit
When he bites too hard

I just whisper gentle


Nobody's ever...wanted gentle

And he rubs his thumb
Across my cheek

And its like the whole world
Fell at his feet
Every time he kisses me.
Jun 2016 · 358
Dear Khayllia.
Lindsey Graham Jun 2016
You called me again at 2:30 am.
I don't know what to make of it.
That was about two days ago.
You apologized and
Never texted me back.

Do you only think of me when you
Can't sleep?

Its 8:11 am and I haven't slept yet.
I thought I was done crying
Over you, but apparently not.

I'm in the bathrobe you got me.
Its the only thing I'm wearing.
And I'm crying.

I still think of you every day.
I still miss you every day.
If someone brings you up
My heart crumples
A little more

And I don't know what to do about it.
Jun 2016 · 360
Dear Khayllia. Again.
Lindsey Graham Jun 2016
I started smoking regularly.
I started sleeping until 2 or 3pm.
I started not being able to fall asleep until 5/6am.
I ****** a complete stranger.
He left me more empty
Than anything.
I thought of you.
That it was you.

****** up, huh?
I helped Austin cheat.
We sent nudes back and forth.
I don't know why.
His girlfriend still doesn't know
The full extent of it.

****** up, huh?
I wish I was with you still.
I don't know why.
I wish I was over you.
I wish I could wake up
And have a whole day where
Someone could say "khayllia"
And I wouldn't cringe
And my heart wouldn't hurt.
But that day hasn't come yet.
I'm so lost.
Not because you left me.
But because you left me alone.

You don't talk to me. And I wish you would.
When you left I didn't just lose a girlfriend. I lost a friend. I don't know what to do or what to say or how to say it.
There's no easy way out of this.
May 2016 · 252
Lindsey Graham May 2016
You have killed off
Every care but one;

I just don't give a ****.
I'm tired.
Too tired to care.

Hearing your name,
Seeing it,
Twists my heart
Like a washcloth
And my will to live drips out

I'm too tired to drink about it.
Talk about it.
Smoke about it.
Cry about it.

I'm not on a self destructive path.
I'm just on an empty road,
With no curves or trees.

But life is what you make it,
Yet I'm afraid I can't make it
Without you
May 2016 · 369
Getting Over Someone
Lindsey Graham May 2016
You can scream and cry
And wish for them back.
You can **** other people
Imagining its them instead.
You can wear their favorite cologne
And fall asleep with the stuffed
Hippo they got you.
You can re read every text,
Letter, and card.
You can wrap yourself
In the clothes they left you.
You can lost yourself in someone
Else's skin,
And try to forget its
Someone else.

Because nothing, nothing
Is going to bring them back.

And all you can do is be stuck in
The past.
May 2016 · 941
How To Kill A Person
Lindsey Graham May 2016
Its simply very easy.
Kiss them.
Hold them.
Make them feel safe.

Then leave them.

Don't call them.
Don't text them.

Then show up out of the blue
With an
"I still love you"
On the tip of your tongue
With another girls Hickeys
Necklaced on your neck.

Keep your distance.
Call them late at night.
Fall asleep on the phone
To them.

Give them hope.
Remind them that
They'll **** themselves eventually.
May 2016 · 305
Lindsey Graham May 2016
I am all alone.
Nobody to talk to.
Nobody to understand.

I feel it again,
Feel myself shrinking back
Until I'm a shell.
Until the only thing I can feel
Is my heart painfully beating.

Its like my own body wants to die.
Its never hungry.
My smile is mechanical.
I'm simply playing a role
Instead of living my life.

Khayllia, I've turned into you.
I'm not happy with anything too.
May 2016 · 340
Im Leaving
Lindsey Graham May 2016
You're completely unforgettable


You're the last straw
On my camels back

And my knees have buckled.

Oh Darlin',
You promised not to break my heart.
You promised to love me now and forever.

Too bad that love is a lying *****.
And so are you.
Lindsey Graham Apr 2016
Things you told me that were lies:
• I love you
• you're the one.
• I want to spend forever with you.
• the thought of touching someone else makes me sick to my stomach.
• I'll never leave you.
• you are so beautiful.

Oh baby,
You wouldn't,
You couldn't
Know love if it slapped you in the face.

Don't you know that
Moving on a week later
Hurts the person you

Well. Thank you.
For reminding me.
Reminding me of
How I'll never be good enough.
So why even try.
Apr 2016 · 368
You are a Snake
Lindsey Graham Apr 2016
Oh Khayllia--
Isn't she just so beautiful?
So new.
Her cute curly hair
And her dimples when she smiles.

I bet it feels so good
Knowing you make her feel special.

She's so short.
Her eye brows plucked to
She is sweet.

I can see why you
Pulled her in.

You're such a snake.
I wonder how long it'll
Take you to get bored with her.
I wonder how much
It'll hurt her.
Apr 2016 · 292
It Feels Like Drowning
Lindsey Graham Apr 2016
Love is such *******.
One day you're minding your own business
Then Bam!
You get a good look at them.
And your heart is setting fire
To the rest of your body.
Then you get to know what
Their kisses feel like
(Heaven on earth).
Get to know how they breathe
When they sleep.
How they eat.
How it feels when they touch you.
Make love to you.

You get comfortable in your love.

Then you feel them pull away
And the fire is quenched by
A million gallons of salty water
And you're drowning.
You have to cry out all
The water to even get a good breath.
You're drowning and every time
You see them now
You pull deeper
Into the ocean you've created,

Sinking until you've reached the bottom of it
And you can't tell
Which way is up or down
Because you're living
In darkness for days.

And anyone that talks to you
Is on the surface,
Its all muffled.
You can barely hear them.

After six to twelve months,
The water begins to drain
And you can breathe again.
But the sky is gray
And your lungs are scarred.
And your heart is praying
To please not let it happen again.
Youve learned your lesson.
And love *****.
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