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 Apr 8 Olivia V
JP Goss
They came into this world
Starving, pathetic, and in need of work
Computer beings seeking profit,
We called them millennials and,
Like bacilli to honey,
They will eat themselves to death;
I’ll be waiting with an open casket.
When the time comes,
Issued as both punishment and reward,
Fitted just for lazy things,
And it shall be translucent,
As all human desires are
An empty display
Of material just as ubiquitous.
I’ll be the funeral director,
Engorged by suffering,
When the time comes
I’ll be waiting with an open casket.
The skin that does not bleed
When struck, requires only a few
Strikes more,
The arms which do not tire
When pushed, require only a few
More loads,
The will that does not break
When overburdened, requires only a few
Lashes more—
When the time comes
I’ll be waiting with an open casket
And let the ocean, in pacificity
Carry them to the collective
Dead of this world, to churn in anonymity
For eternity; a true hell to the ego,
I’ll be waiting with an open casket
Just to send it off with a nudge.
You unravel my love
and it opens me up.
Towards a place in me where every
single thing tells me to stay.

And ever since I met you
my faith has been stronger.
So I wrap myself around you;
For Us.

I love you and I believe we are right.

Though our distance between us is big,
my soul and heart to you I will always give.
 Apr 2023 Olivia V
Maybe we could make a fought out of blankets and chairs
And just hid awhile from the madness that lies all about us

Maybe we could just
climb to the very top of an old English Elm
And believe for a moment that we
could fly

Just for a moment

The wind has stopped
A leaf settles slowly
on quicksand
and does not sink
The wind has
stopped howling in
the canyons
but the fires
burn on
and you
dare not
walk across
the quicksand
to put them
Don't exactly know where this came from.
He stretched out his hand
& Caught Me.
That's how I fell into the abyss.
Love is a double-edged sword. Wield it well.
A therapist skirts the edge of lunacy
like a priest engages sin

An evangelist disavows poverty and fear
like a snake that sheds its skin

Together they paint the corridors black
with a promised light to come

Their patients and converts alone in the dark
salvation zero-sum

(Dreamsleep: March, 2023)
Gotta get out of this desert place
With cloudless sky and burning sand
With lizards under every bush
And crows in every withered tree.

Wanna go where the air is cool
And soft refreshing breezes sway
The tendrils of the flowered vines
That climb the branches of the trees

But Kismet’s karma has decreed
I need some more of hot and dry
The place I go will be the same
except for one small saving grace.

The sun takes all the heat along
When it decides to go away
So things cool down at evensong
And I can live another day.
Taking a drive up Route 66 to Albuquerque, NM  for a Laurel and Hardy Buffs convention. Gonna hit every site along the way including Sky Walk and the Grand Canyon Steam Railway for starters. Waited 3 years for this trip. Gonna eat it up like candy. See ya in 2 weeks.  
Behave yourselves while I'm gone.
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