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Olivia V Apr 6
if i consider each day as a moment
and each moment part of a continuum,
the fear of time has no hold on me
for it becomes akin to my breath.
each second flows on from the one,
the many, that came before this one,
and I am swept up in how gentle
a passing life can be.
so long as I do not try
to hold onto time too tightly
  Mar 30 Olivia V

there is a subtle beauty in madness.
an eery wonder within sadness.
like the musicians of the titanic
their final lullabies
dancing through the air
amid the screams and the panic
a moment of beauty
an expectance of fate
a beautiful surrender
as they perished beneath the waves

Olivia V Jan 5
there is forgiveness in the mornings,
before the daylight breaks,
before the shadows - grays and blues -
are lightly kissed awake.

there is forgiveness in the mornings,
within my heart and mind,
which still so gently clasp at sleep,
my thoughts still undefined.

there is forgiveness in the mornings,
when all is still and right,
for those of us who'd found no peace,
and had pleaded with the night.
  Oct 2020 Olivia V
What was the last thing I said to you before we went back to being strangers?
Olivia V Oct 2020
I strike a match

so I may adore the untamed fierceness

of the flameā€˜s brief life.

I do this each day

to remind myself of what once burned within me.

I do this each day

to remind myself that even a spark is a fire hazard

and must be contained.
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