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Olivia V Nov 2019
his body warmed my stone cold skin
and eyes melted my hardened core.
he spoke in tongues
and kissed me as if starved
i murmured soft whispers
and breathed him in  

we were a series of contrasts
a duet so at odds.
his core was afire,
and my heart was cold.
where he was strong,
i fell to my knees.

Though today, I feel that we have swapped places.
  Nov 2019 Olivia V
Dr Peter Lim
The pursuit is in vain
the journey a fantasy
to my inner sanctum I should return
where resides the true me-

everywhere is the clamour
'  this is the true philosophy
   do not walk in error
   this will set you free'

  the public well is poisonous
  drinking therefrom leads to malady
  give me the pure rain-water
   it will keep me healthy--

   alone in the deepest silence of night
   untainted by the voice of rude humanity
   with the moon and stars as company
   I am content and blessed in my serenity.
  Oct 2019 Olivia V
She Writes
I’d rather write than speak
My pen is always responsive
My ink doesn’t judge my mistakes
My paper doesn’t argue
My lines never cross me
My sentences never disappoint
And my words will never leave me
Olivia V Sep 2019
just as the trees are burning,
so too are the memories
i made as a child.

each are now embers,
glowing and fragile.
i pray for the rains,
so we may all regrow.
Olivia V Jun 2019
Moonlight on pale skin
Soft lips part in desire
Lovers in the night
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