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redflower Apr 2020
For all her life she dreamt of perfect person
A dark dusty tall man , she always wanted
But culture and family stop her from chosing the person she want to marry
They say "while chosing man, the only important thing is how much he earn "
Some say "first you have to look for yourself in the mirror "
who said that ugly girls should marry ugly boys but ugly boys should marry beautiful girls
we all are human and we all have right to dream about everything
Nobody can stop me
hope the fate give me everything that i want
redflower Apr 2020
I may be little or all different from others.
I may not be the type of girl you usually like.
I may not be that outspoken and confident girl you like.
I may not be girl with good fashion sense .
I may not be girl that talk easily to every guy.
Above all I may not have that pretty face that u usually see in girl at first place .
May be I am sunflower 🌻 and u like rose .
But believe me i don't want to be rose 🌹
I love the way i am right now .
i can not change myself
because this is who i am which makes me me

— The End —