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Lisa Lesetedi Dec 2016
The stars in my eyes are shooting,
Arrows of love to pierce mans chest
Reaching beyond protection vests
It’s a war of ages,
Over treasure concealed in rib cages,
Between love and hate
Memories we wish we could create

What if I told you that throwing was reverse catching
Would you throw golden eggs against the walls and hope that it was love that was hatching
What if I told you that I drink dry water every morning hoping it would quench the thirst that love has etched to my throat…
Or that oxygen suffocates me…
That I seem to be ascending to heaven… in a sinking boat…

Would any of it make sense to you?
Would it make the love i want you to have for me true…?
  Jul 2016 Lisa Lesetedi
Fay Slimm
Let tight knots in the heart
loose and shake down soft streams of quiet
to untie and fledge confined feelings.

Allow them to fly.

Take wing into a Now-land
of unlimited freedom where failure does not
apply nor is it found.

Choice is unbounded.

Do not expire before trying each dream.

Find fervent zeal within life's choicest fields
and pick all the love-seeds.

Tended and grown inside then watered with
joy, mood's fruitage alters
mindsets and oils attitudes for when once
digested folk learn to lighten.

Every life has great purpose which all, in
the finding may realize.

Humans are born to share love.

This is our true birthright.
  Jul 2016 Lisa Lesetedi
the ashtray is full again

1.)  As I write this to you now, the doves were bleeding diamonds
2.)  And to this very day, I still find your name is in every cigarette the ocean's ever smoked
3.)  I wonder if you remembered the time we realized that flowers preferred the taste of blood over water...
4.)  Or the time we sipped some of the moon's tea; and realized that our teacups were gifts from her lover, the sun
5.)  Distance isn't constant, it's overgrown like the lucid garden that I planted in honor of my wolf girl; yet you were the one who tended it with me as if it was your own
6.)  I know, I know; I didn't thank you enough for all those moments as you held me when time melted into puddles at my feet
7.)  I wrote God a simple letter, still haven't heard from him about how you're doing yet...
8.)  "Unfortunately, on some nights my grief tastes all too silver again"
9.)  You feared all the talents that flowered in the dark and I remember the second you realized I too, was one of them
10.)  Your voice shed sapphire fireworks in my room and what I wouldn't give to see that one more time
11.)  Sleepy roses dribbled down the walls of your hospital room whenever I visited and played with your hair
12.)  The milky way shed it's fickle skins-- and sometimes when the dawn's shoulders snap into place I can hear your laughter echoing along the ribs of the sky
13.)  Your name was a natural disaster born on my pink tongue and delivered by my quaking lips and I can feel the clouds turning in their sleep
14.)  I suppose that you were a cigarette yourself
15.)  And you knew I was the lighter, but you hung around anyways
16.)  Every time I see a shooting star, I'll know that it's you in heaven just throwing away your cigarette so you don't get caught...

I think you were my bad habit
You were oh so pretty, smokin' through the canopy

© Copywrite Skaidrum
  Jul 2016 Lisa Lesetedi
Akira Chinen
This is the end of love
The beginning of lust
My reflection lost in the mirrors
Of truths hidden
I am driven here by dark temptation
Blooming sin
There is no heaven here
No purity
No god
My body burns with the longing
To feel your tounge
Trace my pulse
Kiss me like the devil
Is in the room
Watching you undress
Tangle limb to limb
And let my flesh
Melt into your skin
Until our two bodies
Move as one
As if we were lighting
Above the clouds
Stain the sheets in crashing
And cresting waves
Of passions groan
Rise and fall to the storm and thunder
Of my heart beat growing faster
Guide my mouth with
Whispers and moans
Bare your neck to my teeth
Give me taste of your
Milk and honey
Open your flower to my eager tounge
Let it dance gently from
Petal to pistil to petal
Part the leaves
And pick the thorns
Feed me your salt and blood
There is no aroma or drug
That elevates me higher
I am lost in the need
Of want and gratification
Swimming in the mystery
Of your oceans of endless
Blue delight
A prisoner jailed between
Your legs
Barred by locked knees and feet
Sentenced to the repetition
Of movements for your pleasure
Set this mattress to fire and flame
Pound our bodies and bones
Through the ground
Until in hell we have
Come crashing down
Then roll and dance
In such wickedness
To make even Lucifer
Look away
As we invent new ways to sin
But if what we do is truly sin
What treasure would heaven
Have to offer us
As ****** has soared and ebbed
And the last curtain falls
Drained of life and blood and sin
And still tangled limb to limb
Lost in each others
Skin and gaze
We find at the end
Of lust
We have bloomed
New flowers
In our fields of love
Lisa Lesetedi Jul 2016
What is to come? 

From a world where our children are given guns to play with, 

It’s not the squirting of water,or release of plastic bullets, it’s the message we shoot into their heads .

Triggering violence from adolescence.
Planting seeds of hate,
And watering them with spilled blood .

Waiting for the fruit to ripen, but it never does,

Now we have the taste of bitterness lingering on our mouths.

That bitterness stays on our tongues ,
So that when we speak, that’s all that comes out.

You see Somehow the fruit is never as sweet as when it’s forbidden.

Sugared by sin,

Borrowed from thy neighbor, because when it’s sin there’s always enough to go around.

What is to come?

From a world where we are told to express ourselves , but within the guidelines.

Told that the world is your canvas , but restricted to only the color white.

It isn’t as pure as it seems.

Underneath the white paint lies splashes of read , gushing from a black body.

There is no canvas, all we are given is a painted picture, of what perfect looks like.

So that we Erase anything that doesn’t fit the image. 

The slightest difference is reason for war.

Be it the quantity of melanin

Be it religion

Be it Gender.

What is to come?

Of a world that is only tolerable through the shade of intoxication .
Where pills serve as capsules of happiness 

We are our biggest enemy,

Our pain is self inflected.
If this is what it is ,to be human 

What is the cure?
Lisa Lesetedi Jun 2016
2am juices,

I’m pouring myself onto this canvas 

Let’s have a glass..

Off myself uncensored…

My canvas black and white

Like stars in the night

Can you hear them shooting?

Splashes of red, gushing out the wounds

Ancestors rising out the tombs…

What are you willing to sacrifice?
They say life is a gamble, except somebody already threw the dice..

We are slaves to the forces …

Married to a chosen fate ,without room for divorces…

You see The canvas …has been painted

All that’s left, 

Is for you to open the doors that frame it..
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