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  Sep 2016 Linda Duncan
",,  :  '
,  ° .. '' , °..
. ;   . ." ,, ° '',, .  - ,,
because dust motes appear
in the light
means they are also


(C) 9/24/2016
an observation about
light, consciousness
and the

  Sep 2016 Linda Duncan
Ramin Ara
If you grow the flower
Of the holy spirit
You are a gardener
The pond is a mirror.
Of reflections.
On calm ripples.
Orange, green, blue.
With graceful, long-necked geese.
Floating above.
And feet gliding beneath.
Calm ripples.
Leaves dance down.
One by one.
And land on the surface
of the calm pond.
With calm ripples.
In brushstrokes of
orange, green, blue, black, brown.
The beauty of nature in autumn
sings a symphony of colour and beauty.
There is beauty in autumn's death.
There is indescribable beauty.
Which puts my soul at rest.

God's plans are but never late
On cue, he'll thus quell thy thirst
Fact being for he knows thy fate
Whilst in him thee lay thy trust

Kikodinho Alexandros**
21st September 2016
May his name in perpetuity be praised!
Linda Duncan Aug 2016
Sometimes I see a world of wonder
Sometimes I wonder about what I see;
There’s so very much that I don’t know
Life is such a mystery.
What lies beneath the oceans depths
Or hidden caverns in the earth;
What genetics have been mutated
What new species have given birth?
Does anything live in earth’s molten core
Or thrive in the arctic ice;
I guess knowing in the after life
Is all that will suffice.
God’s such an awesome artisan
To have created such a place;
This world is so amazing,
I want to tell Him face to face.
© 9/26/2013
Linda Duncan Aug 2016
Great is the Lord our God
Redeemer of all mankind
Eraser of all our sins
Answer to all our prayers
Tied to a cross He died
For us He was crucified
Unworthy of all He’s done
Loved by God’s own Son.
© 5/22/2013
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