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Pennsylvania    Some call it "expression" I call it "insanity"
Jane EB Smith
Southern CA    Born and reared in South Carolina, moved reluctantly to Southern CA. Now the desert is home. 5 children 2 precious daughters-in-law, grandchild. Loves family, hates ...
Alex DeLarge
Miami    I have no identity. No persona, no presence. I'm just a reflection of my past. I don't wear masks usually, but always keep one in ...
F/Paris    I love creativity in all its forms Sometimes the voices talk to me and that is all that keeps me sane and grounded. I have ...
Idaho    "Type 4 is called the Individualist, the Artist, the Romantic. Gifted, original, unique, and passionate." Sure. That'll work. A teenage brunette residing in Idaho owns ...
Brendan Watch
Michigan    I've found three things in life: people, books and love.
Billy Gray
Around the way...    When all is over, said and done The path is rough and no longer winding... Put my soul into a loaded gun And send it ...
Makana Queja
Alaska    21 years of life. 1 year of military. 5 years of wanting to be an English teacher. 15 years a physics nerd and a gamer ...
Brock Kawana
A gregarious gentleman. Finding oneself is hard when you are always the one stuck counting on that same weeping willow tree for hide-and-seek. ....Branch out.... ...
Paul Hardwick
64/M/England    Woke up this morning sniff a few flowers, did not feel lonely until I followed you, and you have to keep running till you get ...
Subconscious on Parade
PNW Dryad and Stargazer
Socally Picter
Stay Where you are.    words on a blank page.
The wind is rising / We must try to live
Joseph Valle
Copywriter, internet marketer.
Stacia Nicole
3/17/2015 I think I'm just going to keep this forever :) 5/25/14 'Twas merely a year, as some would say, Since I last made berth ...
Sean C Johnson
AK    "In the cold dark night of the soul, it's always Three o'clock in the morning." -F Scott Fitzgerald
flaming arrow    “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.” ― Roosevelt / If you could time-travel to a moment in ...
Sansara Justinovich
In my own words, I am silent.
Azubuogu chinwendu chukwudi
lagos    Am azubuogu chinwendu from Nigeria a student of University of Lagos,love writing
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