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Alex DeLarge Sep 2014
There's a simplicity to your grace.
The moment I first caught a gaze as I was lost in your face.
Admiring every beauty mark, every gesture, making sure not to miss a detail.
Probably looked like a deer in headlights; you're not just a gust, you're the prominent wind to my sail.
You speak volumes with silence, a powerful talent.
You're a gifted bird when others can't land it.
I'd journey alongside each one of your curves, take pit stops to poke at every nerve;
Just so I can see what it would take to get you on that verge.
Take a dive off your forehead to land on your lips,
Lay there in bliss while your words serve as a blanket for me to reminisce.
And as I lay there in splendor of the ideas you render,
I jot down love poems for practice so I can show you once I get better.
I even have one I wouldn't mind to display.
I'll show you it now; you let me know if it's worth something to say.
It goes:


I hope you can find pleasure in the diction I splurge.
Because you need to know you breathe life into each one of my words.
Alex DeLarge Mar 2014
Calm before the storm and I love when we perform,
Electric touches running through our wires, ecstasy growing higher.
Learning every day your value, happy of the walls we smash through.
Intensely looking into our eyes, getting lively as anxiety dies.
Nothing matters, filled with laughter & intelligent chatter.
Density, you filled with order what was the mess of me.
A*nticipating your sight; with you, the future looks bright.
Alex DeLarge Jan 2014
Unearthed and untamed,
Can't swing through life without the right Jane.
Take another picture,
Still doesn't look right without the proper fixture.
Fading like morning fog, hungry like a dog,
Don't bite the hand or it'll leave you broke like 'no job'.
Too much, too soon,
Water filled balloons that seem to be juggled by buffoons.
No proper balance,
Take a sip from the chalice and patience from parents.
Just some friendly advice,
Keep your head on straight and keep rolling them dice.

- Life.
Alex DeLarge Dec 2013
I don't know if you take me for a fool or if you're just scared of the truth, but, you've been faulty with your fabrication.
You chose to step into a trajectory of the mess of me but disregarded the tools I use to build my foundation.
One brick at a time. And I'm inclined to start over on my mind's motivation.
You feed me the notions in a deep dish because you're aware my appetite is calibrated to devour.
My palette has tasted malice and it's the lessons learnt that allows me to note my powers.
The grass is green on this side; I've grown to appreciate. If you can't kick your heels off, peel off, and stay of my ******' flowers.
I know this is work. I know this is a trip. But when my partner assumes I'll be doing all the driving on this long journey I'll direct us to the precipice quick.
Take off on a cliff, find us on the ocean basin with the seat belts still clicked.
Drowning in the hindsight of our memories, debating whether we should've kept our plan of action more strict.
We opened ourselves up to so much, ironically that same night you cried in my clutch.
Embraced the distaste of putting the amount of trust in someone of such.
Felt relief when the truth of my emotions were accentuated by your touch.
I'm not saying I give up, I'm saying I've had enough.
Things change, so will we. I just hope it's for the positive.
I scrutinize every step before I decide which life to live.
Thought I found someone in you, hope the image still exists because there's lots I have to give.
Alex DeLarge Dec 2013
Almost a year since the presence was known, gave me time to roam,
she was busy gardening an idea that couldn't be grown.
Times change. The mind got rearranged. If I stepped in untimely then I'll burn too quick in the fame.
My past is in the past and she's not one to be passed. But I'm not sitting in crosshairs because I've already got my own aim.
I can't start something that has no substance, or at least a hint of,
But a constant trajectory to the revolving door is what I could easily get sick of.
I have my own value, sad & true. If there's no space to place it then I guess I'm just passing through.
For now, I'm giving it time to see what the ride might brew.
I'm all in. Take every inch, every thought, every sin.
I don't trust a soul because there tends to be bite behind every grin.
If you want all of me there's a simple recipe:
Be true to yourself and then I'll bring the mess of me. Restlessly.
I can sense the powerful energy.
Life is what you make it. I've grown with every ache and confronted anything I've been faced with.
When you concoct your potion hope it's not poison it's laced with.
If you mean every word, bird, we'll paint the sky with our symphonies.
Make rainbows jealous with our palette of memories,
Sitting tight, sipping fine wine as you bring out the best of me,
Turn the atmosphere on it's head while we chill in our new heavenly mezzanine.
Alex DeLarge Nov 2013
Dream deferred, seek the best, expect the worst,
Drop a verse, quench the thirst, contain the verbs.
Met a broad that caught my gaze,
Eyes are sharp, the grasp's a craze, just a phase?
Love the laugh, equal math, hope to last,
Prepared to crash, thick skin to absorb the blast.
Take the ride, enjoy the highs, loathe the lows,
Dismiss the blows, welcome the lesson as knowledge grows.
Stand alone while youth is lost within the phone,
Watch the tone, write a poem, feed the dome.

*I stand at arm's length watching your dying silhouette, hoping you'd find a better reason for me to interject// I kind of like it here in the cold remnants of what use to be, reminds me of me//
Alex DeLarge Nov 2013
Now, I've been down a similar path before, so excuse my hesitation.
I lie awake premeditating the proper adjustments to make, something confusing and eluding.
See, I don't know where this will end up and, to be quite frank it can go anywhere.
Guess that's the beauty I see in you driving me closer to the precipice while my other self starts intruding//
It's hard to find someone worth my time and with such class that it's an ominous affiliation to make.
Your presence stands 10ft tall while the world dwarfs to your aura.
I'll take the climb to penetrate the mind if it meant you'd end up in my framework,
Can't hold you back though. You're deserving of the regal and I'd build you up to my vices but I'm scared you'd end up my Gomorrah//
Can you blame me? It was the answer to the question I asked that made me think of going swayze.
Openness is a hopeless fist being swung and missed if one cannot sustain the whole bliss,
And I'm just not one to go out like that, doll.
I'd rather nip the bud than crash and burn, but I know we're capable of building something that'll test time, knew that from our first soul kiss//
I'll enjoy the ride, let Alex step aside, take the dive, I'll oblige.
Basically, if you're the breath of fresh air I've been looking for then it won't be hard for me to make up my mind.
If not, I understand, timing is everything and for now, I enjoy every second you take of mine.
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