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Oct 2013
I have a super power.
I've always known i was different, cause when you see me from a distance, I stand out in and instant, so people can tell, that's the girl... who doesn't belong. She's the one who just looks kinda wrong. But, Hell!, I got along and stayed strong. Because I have a superpower.
Well what is it?! You should ask... But you don't and you won't... you just pass. As, never to be harassed, I sit calm in the grass and cultivate my super power.
At first I thought mind reading, but a new kind, where people start bleeding from their mouth what's on their brain as soon as they catch a whiff of my "tell-me-your-story" vibe. But then people lied and, though i took it in stride, inside I cried as my supposed power died.
Then I thought invisibility, or maybe ambiguity, because I stood fast like a tree, always there, always to be, but never really seen. But then I hid and when I did, someone... the one found me. So my second supposed superhuman feat faded happily.
But time passed and hearts cracked and stones hit the back of my head so I fled... I can still feel the way that I bled when I said goodbye and he just nodded his head in reply. And the other day, I identified my true super-power.
I can't read your mind. But I can avoid it. And I'm not hard to find, just to hold in a thought. You won't ever think of me because my power won't let it be. I'll stay far from your psyche for eternity. I'll dodge. I'll hide. I'll bob and weave because my power is making sure no one ever thinks of me.
Lexiconical Quinn
Written by
Lexiconical Quinn  Fort Collins
(Fort Collins)   
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