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Feb 2014
If you've ever been the "other woman,"
Or if you've been the lying man,
Lean in and listen closely,
Cause this is one you'll understand.
When love has lost its luster and its muster and it's might,
But you just can't leave because you "love" her,
And the ******* is better and wetter after fights.
When you daydream about escaping to a place so far away
That you can't hear her voice or see her face or remember her name,
I'll be there with a ticket, all you have to do is ask.
It's a release from your conventional bonds.
It's fun.
It's free.
It's fast.
It's a vacation to your paradise with a pair of legs and a pair of eyes
That open up for only you.
And you'll eat it up and spit it out like cheating men tend to do.
So don't give me those sad, "I've ****** up" eyes and that sad puppy dog face.
You wanted it.
You LOVED it.
And you want more.
This is me putting you in your place.
You can call me the devil because I make you want to sin.
But every time I come knocking, you can't help but let me in.
I would never hurt a fellow woman.
I prove that by keeping "us" to myself.
But it's time to pull your head out of your ***
And decide if I'll just sit here on your shelf
Waiting for you to fail again, to make another great mistake
Or if you'll nut up, shut up, tell her the truth and finally walk away.
Lexiconical Quinn
Written by
Lexiconical Quinn  Fort Collins
(Fort Collins)   
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