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Dec 2020 · 352
hace un año
Laura Dec 2020
en este día
estaba viajando para verte.
Recuerdo el olor
De emoción
Estaba sentado en el avión
Al lado de una señora
ella me preguntó
por qué no comí
Le dije que estaba nerviosa
A ver mi novia


Y recuerdo que por dentro pensaba
Esto es una locura, pero
Esto es muy especial
Y me di cuenta de que
Solo 6 horas
nos han separado
Por la distancia
Pero no el corazón
Dec 2020 · 582
Laura Dec 2020
to love is to hurt
once seen with youthful eyes
sculpted by the gods
a divine surprise
24k gold
words to withhold
take me to the sun
that is where we stay
stay to play
stay to fray
where it all begun
Dec 2020 · 1.0k
el parque
Laura Dec 2020
there's a place i want to take you
it's not very far
the miles we will travel
reveal who you are
little by little
giggle by giggle
take my hand, solve this riddle
between us
I've seen us
on a movie screen
I know this scene
you will be my queen
your eyes I have seen
Sep 2020 · 293
Laura Sep 2020
laughing til we cried
four hour high
climbing through windows
for a skyline view
from your roof
summer was dying
but magic was lingering
in a captivating stare
engulfed in warm air

today is your birthday
and I thought of you all day
my skin burns from frost
and the skies are gray
wanted to reach out but have nothing to say

every word that danced out of you
remains in these four walls
wrapped in a bow
embraced in my palm
I kept them somewhere safe
somewhere they belonged
Sep 2020 · 174
Laura Sep 2020
i am not afraid of the light
or it's ability to show me who i am

when it does not come around so often
leaving me in the comfortable shadows
Sep 2020 · 329
june 13, 2020
Laura Sep 2020
i feel so far from you.
Jul 2020 · 81
Laura Jul 2020
is this my weapon anymore?
space sits before me yet the chosen ones
don't swing the way they used to
maybe the doubt has overcome the truth?
deconstructing, it's time
to take apart those rhymes without reason
in my head
i have a lot to offer
but do you believe it?
maybe not today but that's okay
Jul 2020 · 57
mom, dad, sister
Laura Jul 2020
mom- the moments i have turned from rust to gold. everything you have taught me that i gently hold. when i do not bite my tongue. expressing my being boldly. when I say a word, and I sound just like you. doing the country dance. your melting hugs, your beautiful smile. your warrior heart, your open mind.

dad- every time i pull into work, i think of you. the lessons of dedication, and effort. "do not give up. finish what you started". the serenity prayer, with all the dust that I wiped off. it's gravy not tomato sauce. the same eyes, the same ears. words that echo in my mind & heart.

sister- i love you with all my heart. two little blonde pigtails, the girl i will see eternally. how you remind me who i am when i fall apart. there is no one who knows me like you. our inside jokes that will last a life time. the amount of life we have lived together. your heart of gold.
Jul 2020 · 70
jan. 22, 2018
Laura Jul 2020
I am a body in motion
grazing through commotion
gathering attempts
to make sense
from my badlands & pitched tents
walking, walking, run
battle & burst through
cold air
but my bright hair
is turning brown
Jul 2020 · 61
Laura Jul 2020
i don't know how to feel
what you gave me was so real
but distance is a reality now
waking up everyday knowing i won't see you
waiting for me by the fountain after work
i cried in the parking lot
you cried in new hope
intervals of emotion
chaos and commotion
from my heart to my head
3am awake on my couch as a bed
and here we are now, I'm so afraid
that the more time that passes
the more feelings will fade
life will change & we'll fall back into routine
Jul 2020 · 1.5k
te amo
Laura Jul 2020
soy una mujer orgullosa
de mí
y de tí
tú apoyo
aunque no lo necesito
lo ayuda
y me gusta
a veces me siento insegura
pero sè que es parte del proceso
muchas gracias, y te amo
May 2020 · 420
Laura May 2020
my eyes are laughing strolling arm in arm
cracking the pavement brimming of vibrations
stories of contentment, despondency
a feeling of being summoned urgently by an invite
gracious and acute
in the company of gods and goddesses
on a patch of green grass
i admit to being without admonition exceedingly happy
May 2020 · 382
i'm sorry
Laura May 2020
the furious knock
your pain seeps through the wood
each thump restarting the rhythm of my heart
anxious feet
the carpet caressing the soles of my feet
glued in place, hesitant to follow
the light on your face
the cracking of voices, the water in eyes
pain is a present on my doorstep
May 2020 · 159
half light
Laura May 2020
coarse comfort,
masking my ability to think freely
cushioning the system
the one that travels and breaks
the one that flies and cries and wails and sings
lungs burning on fire like the horizon at dusk
the cooling of the fire as light dissipates
into a world we know
a manufactured genesis
May 2020 · 420
Laura May 2020
i gave you permission to unravel me
and maybe i didn't let myself feel
no i didn't feel
or face
what you left me with
lived inside my head
lots of time
sitting in silence
May 2020 · 78
plate piece
Laura May 2020
sell me
a reason, a rhyme
give me your time
to do this would **** me too
no recovery
what could i do?
see me through
May 2020 · 68
Laura May 2020
from my glass
filled of substance I choose you
I choose your vision
looking to the left
the most stunning vision
May 2020 · 514
Laura May 2020
Light seldom graces me with her presence. That used to tear me apart. Now, I have learned to appreciate her absence. I sit, perched on my plush cushion. Bluejays sit on my windowsill. Their wings are resting and my eyes are gleaming. How beautiful it is to watch a sentient being recover, rejuvenate. I’ll never tell you that knowing you set me free. All the things in life that are terrible now amaze me. My ears laugh at the sounds the bluejays have gifted me. They are so happy. Sipping the sweet, crimson nectar. Filling them with life and substance. I am writing again. My voice is different now. I used to be locked in your cell. Now, I turn to the light. The bluejays and I share a commonality: nectar is there for enjoyment, not necessity.
May 2020 · 273
Laura May 2020
i am full of water. a time to rest, a time of warm stillness.

i am the first sip. she starts to feel alive again, the earth blooms.

i am the sun. dancing underneath of me eternally. warms to the core.

something is sailing through the wind.
May 2020 · 527
Laura May 2020
she will **** us before anything else
I am hearing words in my own language
But they are now foreign as they leave my lips and dance into my ears

The wind is roaring outside. I might *****. I just brushed my teeth again. I want to fill my body with more water but I don’t know if I can handle that
Apr 2020 · 838
Laura Apr 2020
pacify me
hold me until the sun rises
blood orange over the horizon
tell me i'm the only one
as if i didn't know
bury my fears
as deep as my head on your shoulder
hold me closer
closer, closer

— The End —