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KnowLove Feb 2016 brother..
Is a pigment of your imagined nation.

Would a blind person treat another differently, if their race weren't same?

Because this is the only sense, that discerns the difference..
all else, is as a result of conditioning.
Borders are man made lines to create separation on a superficial level. We are all Spiritual by nature, and human by being.
KnowLove Feb 2016
Dearest Mother
I love you so much, so deep.
Why do your Children make you weep?
You adopted me, with a broken past
Filled with hateful ideals.
Thus,  saving my heart.
Although Im not your aesthetic child,
I love you more than those,
Who claim your side.
My bloodline, an embarrasment, they **** your body.
They steal from you, a detestable history.
Engraved on the future, a history past.
Of foreign Politics, your new prison Mom.
And why do your children embrace this lie?
Why are they standing idly by,
While you wither and die?
For fame?
For Fortune?
For Self..
For GREED...
This is NOT your teachings!
"UBUNTU" is...
You taught me to Love beyond the colour of skin.
And to love profoundly, my Rainbow Kin.
Your Spirit, dear Mother, I will defend till Death.
Help me return your babies
back to your breast.
Forgive my Ancestors, they have no clue what they did.
Their greed, their hate, their fear, killed your Kid.
Forgive your Children,
My brothers and sisters.
For their hearts are violent and full of blisters.
And Mom, I know this is not your way.
You show love and respect, the opposite of pain...
Though I may not be biologically yours,
You blessed me in your love,
Showed me that with you, there are no borders.
My Mother I love you. Im sorry for what they do.
Though Im not your birth child,
I know you love me too..
so WAKE UP my Sister
WAKE UP my brother.
Stand up with me.
Defend our Mother.
She is bruised and hurt,
Cant you hear her cries?
Because Her children are greedy,
And dont care if She dies.
Our "Leaders" **** Her out
For personal gain.
She is NOT for sale!
I wont play that game.
So Mom, I love you.
I cry because of what they do.
They claim your being,
They claim they own YOU!
But you cant be owned, or sold by any,
Because you are loved,
By oh so many..
Again I pledge my Love to you.
Im not alone, many of your Kids are good.
They embrace your teachings.
They keep your ways.
To live life in your Tradition,
And not in shame.
I love you too, my sister, my brother.
In Truth and Respect, another gift from our Mother.
As a White South African male, born, raised and nurtured in SA... I was disproportionately advantaged because of my skin colour. I detest the notion of Apardheid and ask forgiveness for my ignorance that was born out of undue privilege. Because of this, I have never voted, nor will I ever. Africa has taught me more about Truth and Love, and the only privilege I embrace now, is to experience the Spirit of Africa.. the beautiful natural way of Africa before the violation began.
Thank you to a fellow poet for her inspiration on this one.. I hold her in the highest regard, as a Princess of her Land, a motivation to educate the ignorant, but mostly as a beautiful expression of Africas Spirit, full of beauty, intelligence and creativity...
  Feb 2016 KnowLove
Julie Langlais
One must hope before making it a reality, which means you are half way there.

© Jl 2016
Can't sleep… Doing this instead.
  Feb 2016 KnowLove
I can't be
Everything you need me to be
But I can try
I can't give you
Everything you need from me
But I'll give all I can
KnowLove Feb 2016
If I told you a secret,
Could you promise that you'll keep it?
Would you accept it for yourself?
And know I really mean it...
That I believe it...
The Universe screams it!!
and I agree with it...
Sometimes, secrets, are a great way of getting a person to focus and pay attention to what is being said... I mean being privi to a secret makes us feel special, right?
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