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Kinara Apr 2015
Why do all my deep thoughts and personal breakthroughs happen when I am trying to fall asleep
The things that I have buried so deep that no therapist could uncover
Vaguely Creep back into my head
As a young child my soul was whole but now it is nothing but a small fraction of what used to be
I am broken
And truth is nothing will ever fix this ache
i wrote this really late on one of those nights where i couldnt sleep
  Feb 2015 Kinara
True artist is not all about the talent,
it’s the art of loving your craft.
a quote
Kinara Jan 2015
Beware of guys with hazel eyes
They have the power to hypnotize
Charm an wit roll off their tongue
They'll steal your breath as you stare at them
They'll take your heart without a care
They'll disappear into thin air
Beware of guys with hazel eyes
They'll make us lonely people cry
the guy im still hung up on has these crazy beautiful eyes which happen to be hazel
  Jul 2014 Kinara
Michael DeVoe
I need one more
I need to forget a little more
I need to remember a little less
I need to remember a lot more
I just need to remember it differently
The way I wrote it
The way it ends when I'm sleeping

Dear bartender
Make it a White Russian
As white as her dress would've been
One Pina Colada
Tan as the sand would've been
One more Gin and Tonic
Sparkling as her eyes
***** Cranberry
Red as her lips
A triple shot of silver tequila
As clear as my intentions

Marry me

Bartender I want to drink until I forget she said no
Bartender I want to drink until I forget I ever asked

Dear Bartender I want to drink until I remember she said yes
***** til my head rings wedding bells
Gin til my body ticks raw rice
*** til my cheeks flush honeymoon
Tequila til my ring finger itches
Whiskey until she loves me too
Whiskey until she come back
A collection of poems by me is available on Amazon
Where She Left Me - Michael DeVoe
  Jun 2014 Kinara
When I die,
I don't want to be buried.
I don't want a casket.
I don't want a tombstone.

I don't really want much of a funeral.
I simply want whomever desires
To say something about me
To do so
(Whether it's good, bad, or funny).

I want to be burned
In a cardboard box,
And as I'm being cremated,
I want someone
To read a poem that I have written
For that very occasion.

When I'm all turned to ashes,
I want them to put me
In a cheap little container
And throw my ashes into the wind.
Maybe over a field, a forest, or the ocean--
Whatever, so long as it's windy there.

I don't want my loved ones to have a
Specific place to visit me

I want to be the one
Who visits my loved ones

So I can give them kisses
When the wind
Brushes their cheeks.
i wonder if i can put this poem in my will...
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