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Sep 2010
When I die,
I don't want to be buried.
I don't want a casket.
I don't want a tombstone.

I don't really want much of a funeral.
I simply want whomever desires
To say something about me
To do so
(Whether it's good, bad, or funny).

I want to be burned
In a cardboard box,
And as I'm being cremated,
I want someone
To read a poem that I have written
For that very occasion.

When I'm all turned to ashes,
I want them to put me
In a cheap little container
And throw my ashes into the wind.
Maybe over a field, a forest, or the ocean--
Whatever, so long as it's windy there.

I don't want my loved ones to have a
Specific place to visit me

I want to be the one
Who visits my loved ones

So I can give them kisses
When the wind
Brushes their cheeks.
i wonder if i can put this poem in my will...
Written by
Jessie  a burning bridge
(a burning bridge)   
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