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  Jul 2014 kavisha shah
with your charming, teeth whited, half-witted smiles,
clumsily showing me how things should be done.

with your endless rambles about no one but yourself
and occasionally asking about me as if i was special.

calling to me only when you're in need of something
or need of something from me
but never needing me.

with your opened, large, sea-blue eyes
blinking back at me.

and your words that could set me off into the sky,
the type that made me fly so high, that once i fell
my chances and i
will die.
kavisha shah Jul 2014
I have hopes,
I have dreams,
I want to fly high,
I want to swim deep,
I speak many languages,
Of love, peace and silence,
I have been crushed many times,
Yet I get up everytime bearing the bruises,
I give u birth,
And at death,
I am the one you melt in,
I am a vortex of emotions,
I am your shore in a storm,
I am simply.... a woman!!
kavisha shah Jul 2014
Wake up everyday
Face the troubles
Win or lose the battle
Get up to yet another struggle

Live a little today
Unnoticed by those around
But you are a hero
Everyday as you are homebound

Its in fairytales
That heroes always win
You live a reality
Where at dawn a new battle begins

Don't lose hope
When failure stares at you
You are born a hero
Not thwarted by lost wars, few
kavisha shah Jul 2014
The red of broken hearts
Looks so beautiful, splattered on the canvas
Of life's barren wintry whiteness
Happy hips of roses
Dance here in the wind,
as I watch them grow
In my cold garden
'Neath the back yard swing.

My old window
looks sadly out my house,
The frame is blue
And the wall is stone
With gutters that creak and faint.

My whole world
Is a land of waterfalls,
Though it's sad
And though she's sad
What a beautiful pastel of paints.

Golden salamanders
Run underneath my porch,
And yonder far
Where thunder heads roam
I swear I see a dove.
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