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Jul 2014
A lifetime of Valentines
Have passed by us
And a lifetime of them remain
Having you here, right by my side
I would live them all again

The roller coaster of life
Was no fun
Untill you came along for the ride
Since then it was a smooth one all along
A few bumps thrown in in the side

The sum of all kisses
Would be hard to find
But I still remember the first one
The softness and the sweetness of your lips
Under the golden February sun

Your hand in mine
is all I want
As I did all those years ago
The gentle strength of them is the force
That helped me face life's brutal blows

A harmony of the sweetest music
We created between us
A song that soothes the soul
The melody of your heart's beats
Was the one to fill my heart's hole

I promised to support you
In sickness and in health
To protect and cherish you
Till death do us apart
Those promises, today, I renew

As I gaze back
On the lifetime of Valentines that have passed us by
And all those that remain
Having you here,by my side
I would love to live them love, all again
kavisha shah
Written by
kavisha shah  Mumbai, India
(Mumbai, India)   
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