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My mother said, "He seemed nice, but he didn't seem like THE ONE or anything like that."
That woman is always right.
Now if my heart could just agree with her.
For my twenty-first birthday all I want is to drink alone.
I want to sip my sorrow
I want to slip away and walk the streets drunk
I want to sing modern baseball.
 Oct 2015 Katrina Wendt
"Where does it hurt?"
I guess right here
"Your heart?"
"That's not a good sign"
"How long has it hurt"
A while I guess
"When is it worse?"
At night and sometimes day
"This could be serious"
"We will take you up for a scan"
*Please make it go away
Humor is funny,
because it is SO true.
Pop is a tune
because it rings true.
But art inspires
because it catches you

offguard —
you caught me
when you called me

You are art.
Really inspired today. Can you tell?
if i knew how to play
the guitar i would
write the sappiest love
songs for you
but sadly, darling, i am
musically impaired

if i knew how to paint
i would color
the most glorious sunsets
just for you
but sadly, darling, i am
artistically limited

if i knew how to sew
i would patch up
the torn seams
of your heart
but sadly, darling, i have no
idea how to use a needle

if i knew how to cook
i would make your
favorite desserts
to sweeten up your day
but sadly, darling, my
only specialty is burnt eggs

oh darling,
i am not good at many
things but if there is
one thing that i
can do well, oh my darling,
that is loving you.
Do not allow
yourself         to be
a product
                              of your generation
but rather
let your generation
    a product        
                   of you
Won't you please just let me be
Please just leave me at my own peace

Won't you please just go away
When I say leave, I don't mean stay

When I push with all my might
Do not fight back, it is not right

When I stop and start to cry
Try not to look me in the eye

Do not try to fix my life
You were not the glue, but the knife

Say goodbye and let me go
Accepting all you do not know
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