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  Aug 2015 Karen Pimentel
Infamous one
We all have that person who admire from a distance
The fear of getting to know them because you think highly of them
what if those feelings fade or not what you made the person out to be the fear of disappointment
Or what if you can't live up to those needs and those desires
Saying hi makes your day, making eye contact feeling those vibes
Nervous not sure what to say but look forward to the social interaction
Know in an environment but outside of that world be interesting
The fear of rejection but being accepted and mixed emotions hard to set straight.
Karen Pimentel Aug 2015
I listen to that song you liked so much
close my eyes and breathe the air you're not breathing
It kills me
I'm breathing but it kills me
Each breath, and I'm closer to madness
Deceivingly bothered by unattachments
to you
to life
to this mediocre page in my journal that can cut you like a knife   
into a million pieces
Karen Pimentel Jul 2015
"I have nothing to say."
What? Am I supposed to feel better that everyone has ******* stories than I?
They've been *****, abused, almost killed, addicted to drugs and other things.
They have scars.
But so do I.
Its like this competition of who's more deserving of feelings.
Who's more depressed? And its sick. As ****.
Got people in here lookin at you like you're totally fine, and people out there lookin at you like you're not.
Karen Pimentel Jun 2015
anytime anywhere
Karen Pimentel Apr 2015
She's going in reverse
she felt like a baby who needed a security blanket, a teddy bear
throwing inner tantrums, praying for something
She used to be a chameleon, adapted
must have lost her colors to something so ******* shallow
oh well, she's not ashamed, her body can't help it
**** it, she says
She's a baby, going backwards
needs, needs, needs
gets, and pushes away
Lost connections make her feel hopeless
Since when did everyone become a part of her?
The irony is that nobody really is
She shelters herself in a daydream
is her own bestfriend, makes herself feel ordinary
Comfortable, safe, apparently its dangerous
She lacks, but she loves
She's a baby
just some ****
If you can't see the bright side of life,
polish the dull side.
  Oct 2014 Karen Pimentel
melodie foley
I can feel just how badly this will go
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