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24/Non-binary    flourishing still
Ella Gwen
F/England    As Ella, my will shall remain.
Y Rada
Philippines    hello :-D I know no boundaries when I write. One might say I am a coward or courageous, experienced or innocent. Perhaps I hide behind ...
Chelsea Chavez
Fairfield, CA    [something]
Cordelia Rilo
LA, CA    My hair is always tangled I sleep with the window open My bed sheets always smell and I'm starving for words
United Kingdom    "Don't cover my eyes for my fears are trapped beneath my eyelids.. And for each fallen eyelash is a wish for greater freedom." © Sia ...
Melinda Éva
From my heart to my fingers, I feel every single word.
Asim Javid
Portland, ME    nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands
John-Chris Ward
23/M/Pleasant Grove, AL    If you like what you see I'll be taking tips in the form of Trident layers or warm 5 dollar bills. FB:John-Chris Ward IG: john.chris.ward ...
Zowie Georgia
'Everything Is Always Touched By Something' -Zowie Georgia 'A poet can survive everything but a misprint.’ - Oscar Wilde
Phil Lindsey
Bluffton, SC    Retired near Hilton Head, SC
Danielle Favorite
I'm a daydreamer with a poetic soul, a freshwater mermaid, a wildflower who believes in wishing on shooting stars and a hopeless romantic. I have ...
KM Ramsey
SoCal    Writing has been the only true constant in my life. I was drawn to the pen like a moth to the flame and spent days ...
Rachael Stainthorpe
Huddersfield    Just bleeding words
Sonja Benskin Mesher
I write, I draw, I paint and make things. am quite patient, hold my tongue, but can't say multi disciplinary. easily
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
The Wanderer has found a home.
England    Just stuff
United States    I've got rivers in my eyes. And I listen to the Pet Shop Boys too much I sleep with the memory of Sylvia Plath (Ovens ...
Victoria Queen
"Write hard and clear about what hurts."
Nina Harrasser
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