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Mosaic Oct 2017
To deprecate defile reality uncertain
Drawn are curtains using l
Of mental metal mass produced perception broken compass lipblocked direction affection anntenaes through
Hippocampus can't this be a repeat
Record second scratchin me raw
Hit delete

Noxious talking called small
Bout the weather
I'm no flying machine
Stuck on cloud nine with desentzied time
Sundialing for conversation catch 22

Feeling cotton candy
Lack of oxygen
In-house run house round me
Living post patriarchal society
Mosaic May 2017

Got mania for the past
Seeing so fountain
the fountain of youth
Pouring out your eyes
Like all good times went somewhere down the drain
And I wanna call you darling
But in your eyes
I'm stuck in the future
And no matter no matter
All the cardboard time machines
I'll never be in your eyes
I feel like the one getting old
Growing older thought we were gonna be
Rocking chair kinda boys & girls
Mosaic Feb 2017
I sketched you
And watered your plants

We had existential sunrises
Blue from inner death
Fond to gnarled tree
Sick memory of you and me

Coffee no longer no longer
Tastes so bitter

Shy with fear
Do not cross yield
Crop circles ahead
Firery brim firey brim firefly sins
Liminal sythaeshtic bliss

Cerberus innocence
Kite crashing
Temptation mixed with tense
Escape escape escape x2
The loneliness
The lonely winds

Coffee no longer coffee no longer
Tastes so bitter
And I miss my name

Bitter little sinner
Bittler little girl
All the same
Bitter little sinner
Bitter little girl
Learning the same mistakes

Interest to abstract concept
Mosaic Dec 2016
Exhibition devoted to relativity
Looks like it could be genetic and luck
Experts believe it's not repressed
Rescuers evacuated

Such an animal
We make attempts in a single field placement

Because there in nothing to language
It becomes as simple as a beacon of eternal
Wake up the body the mind will follow home
Spend sometime within half an apocalypse
Otherwise live lives of the ordinary

We are green and private
The breakfasts and feasts of each other
They being sweet and fresh coffee with spices
Closer to the light
Compatibility is so little simply become the window

Set fire
Creating the edge
All absolutely somehow magnetically mythical
This stolen memory surfaced
Neurons sacrificing is the process of forgetting
This time is local association
Remembering is asphyxiation

If it is comfortable
Heat the impression
Then they shall come for you
Otherwise it is a Winter morning

At the entrance time is new and can be branches
Seasons can procrastinate too
Take advantage of every day

That is the forest of approach
Some outweighed by different states of transmit
We were lost even just reversed versions of ourselves
Confused in a network
In which lover is theater

Adopted in the desert I do not addition to this quiet
my favorite light
Falter not in daydreams
A place of stumbling
Paradoxing lost and found
In early morning
Different style approach. Been reading too many existentialism books.
Reformed Stream of Consciousness. About knowing yourself and questioning love.
Mosaic Dec 2016
Giving to the pain
Tides smearing my existence to sand
and I don't mind
Mosaic Nov 2016
Thanks for misundersnding me
Gives me a lot of clarity

Sky can't be without some rain
Experiences perspectives change
From sunshine to anger issues

Psychotic look whose wearing the
Could run crop circles around you
Foreign realities unspoken
Wonder or never land
Figures we were just playing pretend
Mosaic Nov 2016
take these broken and weary bones
call them home
folding paper flowers
leafs into owls
stringing them up on close line
next to the windowsills
Hanging ceremonial prayer flags
Stare at clouds instead of each other's eyes
Misdirection not necessarily a lie
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