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I see the light
I hear them sing
The angels have finally come back for me

The grass is green
The water runs clear
I don't hear the voices
They must be miles from here

I can feel the warmth on my skin
I can feel the warmth from within
They've come back for me.
i was watching the sunrise after a tough night and it helped me realize a lot of things that i need to fix and a lot of things i need to let go of
what's the source
from sadness to finishing a paper
this is the most asked question
no one wants to hear the little things
no one cares about the small details that make the source so important
we all want to hear about the source
the big bang
they want to open you up and cut it out and tell you if you passed or not
they’ll critique your work and point out those flaws and still ask for the source
the source isn't what hurts
it’s what falls apart due to the build up
it’s what rips you apart from the inside out
it’s the strongest part
why can’t we focus on the build up
so i don't have to fall into this dark abyss that forces me to compare the source of my sadness to the struggles of citing a paper
so i won't have to think of everything I've ever done wrong when im asked what my sources were
who my sources were and how they helped to build my paper
the source only hurts when you poke at it
help me make them stop poking at it
you'll see how little the source matters
my words and my ability to use them to support my claim should be enough to choose whether i pass or fail not the ability to use someone else as my backbone
i should be my own backbone
grade that
trying to recall the shadows on the wall
i couldn’t make them out
the way they towered over my bed
their voices controlling the thoughts in my head
total darkness
the cold breeze and blank stares
I’m screaming for help but i keep losing my breath
i keep falling down i have no strength left
what do i do if I’m not consoled by you
your voice, like a beautiful melody
you were the greatest composer to ever live inside my mind
i keep your soft music alive
i sing your songs all the time
but recently things have started to change
your music fades
it feels like you’ve gone away
I’m lost inside this darkness
your smile the only light to guide me
but i can’t find you
this cold breeze, these blank stares
i thought i heard your song but theres no one out there
what do i do if the only map i had was you

— The End —