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  May 2017 Joseph Floreta
People label me as one of those very observant ones they have ever met in their lives. Whatever I think about others, is close enough to ninety percent of the truth (not to judge, of course).

And it is also truth that those who laugh the most, cry the most. I guess this also applies to those very positive people, who are the most negative in their heads or they've also been through the most negative incidents.

There is a certain boy, a young man, who just entered the twenties stage of life. I observe and read him, and I have been doing this for the past eight months.

He is quiet, he is kind, he is a very bright person who looks out for others, probably too much. He is smart and has attended top schools and won several competitions in the martial arts, as well as performing and fine arts. A very artistic soul, quite opposed to his rather playful countenance; though beauty is displayed in all his capabilities and striking features. Even the way he speaks is soothing and gentle, and I admit I would sleep to it and regret how his voice is too nice to be literally slept on.

I know a part of his painful past with the spinal tuberculosis accident or the fact when he couldn't enter his dream art school. And perhaps, a darker part of his history that is unknown except by him and his close ones.

But I can see it, I can see it on his face, in his actions and some of his words: sometimes he tries to get attention by doing unnecessary or silly things; says the weirdest of phrases; he gets tired and there's this certain feeling lurking in his gaze. He always looks like he's looking for something, for someone. He always looks like he is wondering about everything and anything. He even looks lost or frustrated on some occasions.

Honestly, a Sadness Collector knows when another is nearby or in sight. I am one, and I know he is another. He always wants people to depend on him or for them to think that he is alright. It's not so bad, but I wish he would rest his little fragile heart that can only take so much of others' sadness. He still has his own sadness to keep under all of that. I want him to give some of it to me that the burden and tears may be shared between us, and he can live a little lighter.

But I love him, because he is a different Sadness Collector. He always cheers others up and tries to help. He always compliments others. He is always willing to learn the right way, to go out and do his best. This Sadness Collector doesn't deserve to be one; he deserves to collect happiness instead.

Although there are times when his friends say that he is quieter that usual, and a bit less active. He says he usually sleeps it off and feels better when he awakes after. He says he rarely gets stressed but when he does, it's a whole different thing and only he knows how his own mind can destruct his built-up facade of confidence. Maybe he gets too quiet at times because he thinks he might make a mistake again. He may appear very vain and very confident, but I'm afraid it might all just be an image that he's painted of himself for everyone around him to see.

His music taste is very much like mine. He shared some alternative music, but as soon as I heard the melody and read the lyrics, it doubled as a small cry of distress.

I’m actually very beautiful when the world is pitch-black
The most I’ll get is being consumed when I try to love
The trouble is irrelevant
It doesn’t matter what’s wrong

If only I can be flattered just like you do
Then the torment around me will perhaps die out
I’m not concerned about how many chances I get
As fearless as a giant; indulging myself; however I’m no match

Ugly, don’t turn the lights on
The love I want is haunted on the pitch-black stage
Ugly, in this ambiguous time
My existence is like an accident

Some look beautiful after a drop of tear
Some just throw away their name
As long as you are hypocritical enough you won’t be afraid of anything, right?
If the script is written well, who will be more dignified?
I can only silently face the beautiful innocence
There are many chances for desire to become drowning in alcohol
Like the fearlessness of dust
Becoming ash, who will remember who
Who cares if he’s a match

Ugly, you won’t blame them if you get used to it
Get high and stomp on it with strength
Ugly, this is our time
It would actually be a shock if I don’t exist

Oh, how I want to embrace him every time I think of him listening to that song. As emotional human beings, we pay attention to such lyrics more often than not, that reflect the listener's or our emotions. Maybe he thinks he lacks in many, many ways. It is normal for him to think so. But I hope he doesn't dwell on it. He likes this anime show that I watch, too. That show, though, is a sad one which shows the masks of society and the gore of the past behind every flawless present.

He is a very trustworthy friend; a funny guy who is "in love" with himself; a talented individual who loves people and language; an artist of most arts, as well as an art himself. And as much as I say that I want to be the one who collects his sadness or whom he shares his load of sadness with, sometimes I doubt he will ever let me.

I feel like I can no longer do anything anymore for him because he is the one who has already collected mine.
Explicitly, this is how I see WJH so far; past all the glitter and glamour of his fast-paced lifestyle. I don't think there has ever been a moment where he never made me sad on purpose. He always collects my sadness, in other words, he always makes me happy. One day, maybe I can make him happy too, and collect his sadness.

Wjh-- It's been nine months ever since I started to know and love you. I'll stay until either of us has to let go. But I know I still love you after knowing all those sad things. One day, I will definitely play You Are the Moon on the piano while singing it to you. Even in dark times, you have to keep shining. You may not think you are, but my dear, you are shining much more than anyone I know. Don't think your light will fade out yet soon.

PS. These are purely all on what I observe, think and assume about him. If I get to know him, I hope the bad side is not as bad as I imagine or see it to be.
PPS. im a proud infj!! and i really, really love observing people (it is my most useful talent when it comes to dealing with people and it helps me out in my career)
Joseph Floreta Apr 2017
Mahal kita,
kahit na klepto ka. Ninakaw mo nga
ang puso ko,
ngunit ibinalik mo naman.
Sa’yo na ‘yan!
Sa’yong sa’yo na ‘yan!
Ano kaya mararamdaman mo kung may nag-******
ng phone mo
tapos after 3 or 4 months ibinalik ulit?
Confused ka syempre. Hindi mo alam kung magiging masaya ka pa dahil ibinalik sa’yo
‘yung dating iniingat-ingatan mo.
Siguro, oo?
Siguro, hindi?
Wala ka nang ****.
Pero sa pagmamahal, ibang usapan na ‘yun. Masaya ka na dahil sanay ka na sa kung anong meron ka ngayon…
na nasa iyo ang puso ko,
pero ibinalik mo rin. Ninakaw mo na ang puso ko,
sana dinamay mo na pati apelyido ko diba?.
Kahit hindi mo na ibalik.
Ilang beses na tayong na-</3,
pero naayos rin natin ‘yun.
Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko,
“Sana ‘di na ako nagmahal,
para lang 'di na ako masaktan pa.
Kaya lang,
makita lang kitang nakangiti,
handa na 'kong masaktan ulit.”
at sabi ko nalang rin na worth it lahat ng ‘to.
Ang nagbibigay ng liwanag sa bahay ko ay ang Zamcelco.
Ang nagbibigay liwanag naman sa buhay ko ay ikaw…
Mahal ko.
Hindi ko alam kung ano ang plano ko sa buhay ko bago ka dumating sa akin.
Go with the flow lang kasi ako,
Binigyan mo ako ng rason na mag-work hard para makasama kita.
Binigyan mo akong goal sa buhay.
Medyo mala-#AlDub
rin tayo eh.
Magkikita’t magsasama rin tayo sa tamang panahon.
Ang korni no?haha

May nagtanong sa akin kung posible bang mahulog sa taong 'di mo pa nakikita.
Kung sa kanal nga na 'di ko nakita habang naglalakad ako,
nahulog ako…
Sa’yo pa kaya?
Sa totoo lang,
hindi naman talaga ako mahilig magdasal dahil nakakalimot ako.
Pero simula nang makilala kita,
nagdadasal na ulit ako.
Natuto akong magpasalamat kay God na dumating ka sa buhay ko.
Pero ayun,
our souls were just meant to stop by for a while,
not forever siguro?
Pero kung para sa akin ka, para sa akin ka.
Kung hindi,
ipipilit ko talaga, haha..
Joseph Floreta Feb 2017
I've never write a song,
That scrambles the light to dark,
A song that lift ups the humble,
A song that sings all praise,
'till the day I met you,
You are a tune of a song to me,
We are scrambled light and darkness,
that lift ups all humble songs of praise.
Joseph Floreta Jan 2017
You are the first girl I ever court with
I never lie of my feelings for you,
My heart was devastated the day you left me,
But even though it causes me severe emotional pain,
I tried every possible reasons to understand you,
I didn't listen to what other may think about you,
I don't want someone to mis-interpret your feelings,
We are the ones who trully knew each other,
Sometimes we make mistakes,
but it does not mean we're bad,
To be together,
And I'm sorry,
For all the words that is being said,
And hurt you,
I'm sorry for letting you felt like I don't care anymore,
For you I always care,
Nothing change,
For me,
You did choose a very good decision,
You're a wise lady for me,
Your hands are not Binded in my hands,
But in the hands of the Lord,
Who keeps you always as I wish to Him,
To take care of you,
May you always be happy and always positive... ^_^
Joseph Floreta Jan 2017
Listen carefully,
I wrote this,
But this isn't poetry,
Its just a list of the things I love about you ,
Jotted down in the way you make me feel.
blended with heart full of emotions.
Expressed in a way my lips couldn't find a way to say.
Through the eyes of a person who adores you.
This isn't poetry,
But the way I love you,
Is !
Joseph Floreta Jan 2017
I did it
I read
the love story
you wrote me
about us,
on the night
you said
you loved me
I am sorry
for listening
to your voice
it just sounded
so peaceful
so smooth
like honey on petals
on pavement
making every
not beautiful
I told you,
I would wait,
until you said okay,
I am sorry,
I assumed,
this no longer
I read,
this poem,
in short breaths,
this is
how i breathe now,
every breath,
a burial,
and again ,
I am sorry,
the ending
is not what
you wrote it
to be.
#Moment of Truth dude..xD
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