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Feb 2011
Have I ever mentioned,
that look in your eyes.
Makes me go crazy,
every single time.

You look at me,
you kiss my lips.
Your touch is warm,
upon my hips.

As you hold me close,
fitting like a piece.
Of the puzzle in your heart,
screaming defeat.

You've won me over,
my heart, my soul.
I'm falling, I'm falling,
I'm a spiraling fool.

But that's alright,
and I promise it's okay.
As long as I'm here with you,
yet another day.

As long as the sun shines,
warm on the earth.
As long as when you walk away,
my heart hurts.

So long as these feelings,
they never go away.
So long as you're here,
forever and always.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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